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Are you and your partner in a car accident, doing the same old things at the same time, in the same place?

Everyone is familiar with it, but if you don’t make any changes occasionally, or at least make small changes, your routine risk will mature. You have a lot of options in front of you: you can try sex in different places until you’re outdoors, even outdoors, or you can introduce sex toys to nighttime entertainment.

You and your partner can try many different sexual poses, and if you’re only used to one or two, knowing how to do something new to you can be overwhelming. Here you’ll find illustrated sex poses guides to help you get better sex tonight (or at this moment, if you can’t wait that long).

For some reason, missionaries are one of the most famous and popular positions. You don’t need flexibility, eye contact and body intimacy, nothing but a flat surface. It’s also a good choice for those who don’t want to find anything. However, if you want to stay fresh, you can adjust the missionaries in several different ways to change the fun, intensity and knotted factors on both sides. Check out these mission-inspired versions:

6 best sex positions 1. Posture alignment technology

Another way for missionaries is life-alignment technology (CAT), also known as frogs or perfect postures, designed to achieve correct alignment at the expense of elevation and strength. Start with a regular missionary and smooth your torso as much as possible, while your partner should arch his legs and place them on his buttocks. What you’re doing here is more direct friction and friction on the clitoris. The pressure you put on the clitoris can help her reach orgasm faster. You should also keep her innermost in CAT to ensure maximum penetration. In other words, it’s her honour, not yours.

6 best sex positions 2. Pancakes

Another, more extreme variant of Legs On Shoulders, does make you sit in the driver’s seat. Start with the torso more or less vertically and your legs on your shoulders. Slowly drop until you basically fold her. For greater leverage, you can hold her back in your arms and pull her tightly toward yourself. This person is very close but also gives her very little flexibility, so you are basically responsible for 100% of the thrust yourself. The pressure you apply to your muscles also tightens the pelvis, making you feel tighter. You should make sure she’s flexible enough to do the job easily, which many women don’t. Keep in mind that you may only need a few minutes to complete the task.

Dog sex pose

Traditional dog style (named after the way dogs have sex) features women’s hands and knees kneeling behind men. It’s a less intimate choice than a missionary position, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. Exercising from behind may also mean that one or both people are more likely to approach the clitoris and kneeling or standing positions can lead to completely different thrust experiences without supporting yourself with your arms and upper body. However, in this section, we group various “do from behind” positions, including the options for standing, kneeling, and lying down.

6 best sex positions 1. Reach out to the sky

Usually, “dog-style” kneels, but not necessarily. Easy transition from normal “dog style”, in which you can actually stand up and stand up and lean over her. You have less thrust than a normal dog style, but in return, you’ll feel differently, especially for her, and have a pretty good workout on your hamstrings and ankles. Tilting forward will actually give you a deeper feel, while the difficult business will make you feel more satisfied.

6 best sex positions 2. Bedside dog style

In many sexual poses, women are placed on elevated aircraft and men are placed on the ground – a remake of the script. Go to the bedside and get down on your knees. Let her stand up straight, then slowly lean back, then bend over at 90 degrees. Then you enter her from behind and push away. The character has more hands-on potential than the traditional dog style, but interestingly, the position is arguably more male-dominated. If you want to take her back easier, you can put a chair or table and put her arm on it to get support.

6 best sex positions 3. Get down on your knees together

This location is a big change from the regular “dog style”. In this release, you enter her from behind, as you usually do with “dog-style”, and then both men straighten your torso. This position means that her hands are less loaded than when “dog-style” exercises, which means she can more easily play with the clitoris and even reach for the ball.

6 best sex positions 4. Super Connect Dogs

“It’s a variant of the .com that we’re all familiar with,” says Scott Brown, a sex expert and founder of Sexpressed. The man was standing on the floor next to the bed, and the woman fell into a typical dog-style kneeling position on the bed. After the man entered the companion, he pulled her towards him, causing her to now kneel on the edge of the bed instead of her limbs. He wrapped a hand around her torso to support her. It’s a great position because it gives you a deep love of dog style, but you’re more connected to your partner because her whole body is against you. The added benefit is that you can pull her hair at the same time, look at her face, and whisper in her ear because you have a free arm. Strong, intimate and feels good! “

6 best sex positions 5. Bend down to stand the puppy

This foothold on Doggy-Style requires serious flexibility and dedication, but if you’re for (or against), it can be an interesting addition to your list of positions. It’s also a good choice if you want to appear in public without being found – she can fall completely behind bushes or parked cars for cover.

6 best sex positions 6. Out-of-control cowgirl

If you’re looking for a dog variant that gives her more control, try out-of-control cowgirl. In this version, instead of kneeling, the man kneels on the ground, his buttocks clasped from his heel and moved from thrust to more cycling positions. The woman lowered herself and actively rode him instead of lying down or leaning on her hands and knees. This allows the man to easily access her clitoris and breasts for extra stimulation and can make a lot of physical contacts if she leans back against her chest.

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