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How do you get along with old women?

1, full of confidence to attract her attention

Self-confidence is giving people strength and happiness. With self-confidence, we can have the courage to do anything, and it is with self-confidence that people are full of wisdom. The heart is full of hope.

For a mature woman, she likes to have confidence in people, she just wants to see your ability, is to encounter difficulties, or living things, confidence to face, ability to solve.

For someone who wants her to teach, she doesn’t want to be with you. She doesn’t need someone to work with, and if you send out a message of confidence, she’ll give you a little attention.

Attract the attention of mature women, not that you are particularly rich, she will go with you. She doesn’t like that kind of boring behaviour, and if you show any interest in traditional things and new technology, she’ll think you’re good.

Understanding the traditional thing is because she’s there at her age, she’s familiar with what she’s been through, she’s a more common language, and it shows how you feel about your age.

So, to attract her, you need to be confident and show that you have a wide range of interests.

2, pay attention to her advantages

Women like to be beautiful, like to be praised, to get close to her, praise is essential. But your compliments clearly don’t convince her. So praise also requires skill.

Then look for her characteristics, find her strengths, understand her character. Praise should be realistic and find places where others are not easy to notice, praise. For example, patience, love, good temperament, taste and so on, she will think you are a very careful person, this is the source of your feelings for you.

You can praise her beautiful, but don’t mention her age, if she lets you guess the age, then guess a few years younger than the actual age, can’t say much less, to combine the actual guess.

In a chat, if you’re talking about age, marriage, etc., you can also try to ask why you’re staying single, or why you’re rejecting so many men who are after her.

This is a manifestation of your high emotional security, but also to help her enhance the sense of superiority of a form. So pay attention to her excellent place, is a kind of affirmation of her, and even boldly say what you like her.

3, show your independence

This is especially important because the ability of a person to be independent means that you don’t have to rely on anyone to be able to live well and do things well.

And a woman likes to be able to be independent, and if she’s with her, she doesn’t feel tired. If you have to rely on others for everything, she will also be afraid, in addition to fear of taking care of you, but also afraid that you will cause something to embarrass her and affect her life.

In a chat, you can talk about your hobbies, your plans for the future, what you’ve done and what you’re doing, and what you’re going to do in the future, so she’ll get to know you in your chat and feel how independent you are.

If your plans are clear and enforceable, it means you’re more capable, and for a woman, she feels vulnerable to protection.

To know that a woman is born to be protected and loved, don’t think she is a mature woman, you don’t need it, but she wants it more than a young woman, not only to prove that she is attractive but also to want true love.

And your ability to be independent is the ability to prove myself, at least not what she pays for you, especially financially.

4. You can ask her around in the due course

If you’re relatively familiar with the chat, you can start a date with her half-jokingly. But don’t be too anxious, don’t be too eager, but with a normal heart, not itchy about. It’s like eating a working meal.

Of course, in the appointment, to properly give some small surprises, a bunch of flowers is essential, it also indicates your sincerity, your attention.

Be a gentleman, order some specialties, order her a glass of gin, or a special dessert, and it’s very emotional.

On the way to the date, to smile, happy look, but not exaggerated, this is not only a matter of politeness, but also optimistic sunshine side, and her heart needs you to use “passion” to drive.

Because she has been single for a long time, alone for a long time, with no one to chat with her, then you have to do a good job of chatting content planning, you take the initiative to guide her to interact. Because it may not have really laughed for a long time, and you have to do to make her happy.

In fact, mature women are also normal women, she is also eager to love and be loved, she also longs to have a home, a stable life, but certain time-specific conditions, did not meet the right for their own, or because of the cause of sacrifice love, to a certain age of suitable, there is a mind to think about love and marriage.

If you also like a mature woman, then, don’t be afraid, take out your sincere, brave pursuit.

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