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First date tips for girls.

First, styling wear

In appearance, you need a little change, but not too deliberately: the change is to make him feel that you attach great importance to this appointment, too.deliberately will give the other side a lot of pressure. Clean and hygienic these need not be said, mainly to give people a clean, harmonious, comfortable feeling.

Don’t expect to speculate on straight male aesthetics from a female perspective. Unless the boy you like has a unique taste and extraordinary acceptance of women’s fashion, it’s not recommended to wear too neutral, too trendy and too avant-garde.

No matter what kind of straight men, like a feminine woman. You think the little pink bow in your bag is very feminine, the feminine on the bracelet, the little broken flowers at the end of the hem are very feminine,

Sorry, don’t dream! They can’t see it at all, okay? Straight men don’t observe details at all!


NO: Rivets, punk, large area sequins, skeleto

ns, chains, cartoons and other elements, try not to appear.

The opposite material:

YES: You can spray some perfume, but be sure to be light and soft, preferably in line with your personal temperament. If it’s cheap perfume, or not, we’d rather smell shampoo than cheap perfume.

Make-up noodles

NO: flame red lips do not, smoke does not, super invincible thick foundation do not, nose silhouette do not, blue-green purple line of eye shadow do not, sequin eye shadow do not, monkey ass blush do not exaggerate all kinds of diamond colour blind crystal armour do not, black nail polish also try to avoid it.

The opposite material:

First date tips for girls

If the facial hair is heavier, it is recommended to face repair hair removal, eyebrow repair near the miscellaneous hair, otherwise, the face will be very dirty, many restaurants use overhead lights, the origin of tragedy…

YES: Choose the cosmetics you use most often and familiarly, as it’s best to control makeup and makeup time and the like. Don’t try new products on your first date.

Try to light makeup or even nude makeup, if the eyes are very beautiful, highlight eye makeup, in mascara, but do not attach large double eyelids, wear false eyelashes and so on.

Try to present the closest to nature, but the most beautiful state. Unless you don’t remove makeup in your life, he’ll have to face your face sooner or later.

Positive material:


NO: Too complicated, too exaggerated jewelry should not appear.

YES: Jewelry as low-key as possible, but not cheap, here cheap, not to say the price, but style, if it looks low-grade, it is better not to wear anything.


NO: Thick-soled shoes don’t, snow boots don’t, Martin boots don’t, all kinds of shoes don’t run shoes don’t, over-knee paint leather boots don’t. All this will make you look stupid on a date.

If you usually rarely wear high heels, not even high heels, because you walk up the road, will be like a straight-legged duck. Wearing high heels is as walkable as flying, it needs to be practiced.

YESYESYESYESYESYESYES: Shoe styles are as simple as possible classic low-key but feminine. Leather black heeled boat shoes and ankle boots are the least likely to go wrong.

If the difference between this boy and your height is not more than 5 cents, be sure to consider the height of the heel, choose the height of 8 cents or less.


NO: Hats this kind of usually concave shape of things, dating does not bring, has been with impolite. Once taken off, the flattened hairstyle will give you the urge to die.

Card, headbands and so on can also be avoided, believe me, straight men will not appreciate it.

YES: Hair colour to be natural, do not make a purple-green;

Before the date, go to the barber’s in advance to wash your hair and blow your hair, and there’s no better way to have short hair. But try not to use hard glue

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