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When we think of love, such as true love, romantic love, love of passion, we tend to think of two people are important to each other, and ultimately prevent others from entering the picture. 

Also, if a person claims to be “in love” with two different people, it’s easy to remember them as two lovers of similar intensity. For many people, the concept of love cannot be applied immediately to two people, and for them, love must be a feeling that you can only feel for one person at any given time. 

But is it accurate? Can you fall in love with two people at once and have a strong, crazy passion for more than one person? To help you understand all the issues, we’ve talked to some dating and relationship experts to find out what they think about the possibility of loving two people at the same time. 

Can you fall in love with 2 person at the same time? 1. What does it mean to fall in love with someone?

Of course, you can fall in love with a few people at a time,” said Tina M. Romans, a psychotherapist and author of Dr. Romans’ Guide to Finding Love Today. Dr. Tina B. Tessina said. “Think of family, children, dear friends; you immediately keep all this in mind.” 

At the same time, it is possible (and easy) to be attracted to multiple people at once. But it is important not to confuse the two, even if they can certainly overlap. 

But falling in love with someone – as House puts it, experiencing a “deep inner connection” – is a bit different from simply falling in love with someone or being excited by someone. Falling in love with someone means not only deep appreciation or short-lived excitement but also lasting, endless passion.

“In my opinion, love is not the same as sexual excitement,” Tessina says. “It will evolve and end up with only one person.” 

Can you fall in love with 2 person at the same time? 2. Can I fall in love with two people at the same time?

Considering the difference between “love” or “obsessed”, falling in love with two people at the same time is certainly not the most common thing. It requires an in-depth understanding and commitment to romantic relationships, which is difficult for most people to maintain more than one person at a time. 

That said, according to Connell Barrett, a dating expert in New York, this is by no means impossible. 

“You can definitely fall in love with two people at the same time,” he said. Walter Whitman is right. Someone may bring out your confident, sexy side, for which you will fall in love with them. The second person may make you feel safe, loved and deeply connected, and you may fall in love with that person. Suddenly, your brain is stimulating dopamine for both of them because they make you feel special and loved in different ways. ”

However, when it comes to the situation of two people, the chance of falling in love still seems questionable.

“You can fall in love with someone because you see and respect them in them,” House says. At the same time, you can fall in love with someone else because of something different and equally resonant. Having said that, love is a choice. You don’t fall in love. Instead, you choose to open your heart, see beauty, feel vulnerable, let your guards let go, open your heart, and allow yourself to feel and be in a state of love. So if you’re in love with someone, you can choose to turn on the red light and then turn off yourself to keep the possibility of keeping others in. ”

Can you fall in love with 2 person at the same time? 3. When you are already in love, can you fall in love with another someone?

Building relationships with others doesn’t protect you from feeling other people’s plans or other situations. 

Of course, it is possible to develop strong feelings for two people at the same time without actually dating or falling in love with anyone, but in most cases, it is likely to be an obsession disguised as love rather than real things. When you start a relationship with a partner, suddenly feeling loved by someone else is a bit tricky.

“When you’re in a relationship with another person, you can love someone passionately,” Barrett said. Relationships are a logical choice. Falling in love is involuntary. It’s an arrow from the heart – there’s nothing you can do. This usually happens when your relationship becomes more friendly, so you fall in love with someone who rekindles your innermost passion. ” 

This is also often the way infidelity occurs. “Usually, a long-term relationship becomes more like a sibling relationship, and if a couple doesn’t know how to maintain it, the sexual relationship disappears,” Tessina said. “It opens the door to fall in love with someone else (or at least a lust). ”

For some people, finding sex is the beginning and end of cheating. For others, whether things are physically perfect or not, it leads to the true feelings of others.

“You may be in an emotionally cold or distant relationship where you choose to close your heart or never feel comfortable opening it completely,” House said. “Then you meet someone who makes you feel safe, visible and sexy, and with them, you become vulnerable, real, emotionally connected and in love.” 

Basically, if you have enough free time and open emotions to start falling in love with others, it means you’re not fully investing in the people you’re with right now. 

In fact, you may not actually be in love with 1, rather than two different people. You may feel love for your original partner and may feel good about your new partner, but these are not up to the standard of love. 

Can you fall in love with 2 person at the same time? 4. What if you fall in love with two different people?

If you feel like you’re in love with two different people, don’t take it lightly. 

You may be forced to tell two people how you feel about breaking up with your current partner or starting an extramarital affair with a newer partner, all of which can have unpleasant consequences for you and two others. 

Instead, you should consider going to a therapist, Tessina suggests, to find out the root cause of what’s really going on inside you.

“It’s not about other people, it’s about your relationship with you,” she said. “If you’re afraid of commitment, there’s a reason. Why not solve this problem through therapy, learn to know yourself, understand true intimacy, you will save yourself, and those who love you. Once you understand what’s going on inside you, you can communicate more with others. ”

Of course, given that monogamy is increasingly giving way to more flexible alternatives, it’s easy to imagine that you can work out an arrangement that allows you to build relationships with two people without being deceived. 

Even if your partner generally has a crush on polygamy, it’s unlikely that you’ll start by declaring that you’re infatuated with someone else. 

Barrett warns that “Polyamory is possible, but removing it is as easy as drawing a picture with a flower,” especially if your current relationship has been going on for a long time. “All you don’t want to do is lie and keep both relationships a secret. This leads to stress, heartbreak and anger. If you want to consider polygamy, have an honest, transparent and independent dialogue with both parties to see if they are open to it.

Love is a powerful feeling that most people know is enough to describe a situation in which they really do feel strong emotions. 

However, if you feel that you are in love with two people at the same time – especially if you are in a relationship with one person and have developed a relationship with the other person, you should choose in time.

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