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See a sentence said: “Now many people, often because of lack of understanding and attract each other, but also because of too much understanding and have to separate.”


Love itself is a process from strange to familiar, but with more and more familiar with two people, each other will expose more and more problems. And those who know each other better must be fascinated by each other’s qualities.


Today, we have specially organized the 4 most important things in love, share with everyone, hope that everyone can have a long-term sweet love.


1.clear likes


There are two types of explicit likes:


The first is that the beginning of the relationship must have a clear sense of ritual. Now a lot of people’s love is casually started, and confused end. But especially for girls, the phrase “Can you be my girlfriend” is really important, it is not only a formal beginning of the relationship sense of ceremony, but also represents in that relationship, boys to girls respect.


The second is to treat lovers and friends differently. If you already have someone you like, even if you can’t say it right away, make the other person feel that he’s different to you than anyone else, and make the other person feel that you’ve opened up your privileges to him.


The sense of security in the feelings comes all from certain likes. Because the essence of love is differential treatment, only let the other side feel that he is the only, is a special case, feelings can be long-lasting.


2. Gentle


Gentleness is not a bad temper, much less a good old man who has no principle in the event of an accident. Gentleness, is a person’s attitude to the world, is a person from the bottom of his heart to grow out of calm.


There are really too many bad moments in life, and the collapse of adults is always accompanied by more and more age silence, those who are closed mouth to your stomach, those the world disdain for the mood, in addition to late at night at least one he is willing to accompany you a little face, relief.


He won’t say to you, “What do you have to do”, he won’t persuade you to grow up like a leader, but he’ll keep an eye on you for a long time, he’ll hold your hand, he’ll give you a hug from behind on a sleepy night, he may not say much, but he’ll let you know, “Whatever happens, I’m there.”


A gentle lover, is the world’s best lover, but also by the gentle pet of people, will have a steady stream of courage to deal with the difficulties of life.


3. Clean


Clean is not only to be clean and fresh, more important is to think clean, frank.


Being together means reaching some kind of consensus to exchange your life with each other, and accepting and loving each other with the most sincere heart. A clean-minded person, more open to the other half in love, will not hide everything in the heart, not to do anything out of character in love and hurt the other half.


They don’t ask their other half to live to their lithon, they know how to respect the other half’s freedom, and they know how to make room for each other in love. Such a relationship will make people feel very relaxed, not because of a relationship to feel bound, only because of falling in love with that person and become a better self.


4 will say ” thank you ”


Expressing gratitude is also still very important in intimate relationships.


If we are the ones who need to express our gratitude, thanks can make us more responsible.


In our relationship with ordinary friends, we may not feel that we have a strong sense of responsibility, must continue to meet each other’s needs, help is generally a hand-to-hand, but with family, lovers, we will have this sense of responsibility, this is a relationship “shared strength” high embodiment.


Expressing gratitude for this behavior can make the expresser feel that the relationship is more shared.


Lovers should be lovers, not become relatives. Because once the lover as a relative, will take each other’s good as a matter of course, will forget to say thank you to each other.


Pampering each other in love is the most important part of emotional preservation, but pampering is to make love more fulfilling, and should not be the reason for being pampered.


In love, people who know how to be grateful tend to be more considerate of the other half, but also know how to cherish, will not waste each other’s love at will.

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