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For women, there is a difference between large and powerful intense orgasms and small, frequent orgasms.

Although you may prefer to decrypt between the two (and for the former!). ), but have you ever considered the varying degrees of pleasure a man might experience?

Male and female orgasms attract all parts of your body, but not more than the other in every way.

“The difference between male orgasm and the female orgasm itself is that female orgasms are produced by directly stimulating the clitoris or G-spots, and are felt and described as pleasure waves throughout the body, as well as a series of contractions felt through the uterus, with the anus, cervix and genitals 0.8 seconds apart,” said Marissa Nelson, a licensed marriage and family therapist. ”

For male orgasms, it involves “PC muscle, anus, constriction of the pubic and penis, as well as the feeling of pumping and/or twitching, which typically takes three to five minutes for a man to reach orgasm, while ejaculation will enhance her feelings, adding: “It is important to remember that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate events because a person can orgasm without ejaculation.” ”

So how do you really enhance male orgasms and make yourself better? Because this is the answer a lot of people definitely want, here are some tips and tricks for the people who will best ensure that your next “O” is positively affirmed:

3 ways to enhance male orgasm1. Remember to breathe more

Most people, both men and women, hold their breath during orgasms. It makes the feeling of release (orgasm and breathing) more intense… That seems to be the case. In fact, if you can learn how to control your breathing and focus on it, you’ll experience a stronger feeling.

“Holding your breath stops the depth and intensity of the orgasm, even enhancing or even amplifying it by taking slow and deep breaths,” Nelson said. Once you feel orgasm, take a deep breath from your abdomen and then take a deep breath. Count four, then slowly exhale from your mouth to count four, so that your breath in the orgasm smooth water. This breathing work will help to expand the feeling of orgasm and transfer this satisfaction throughout the body. ”

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3 ways to enhance male orgasm 2. Don’t be afraid to try

You may be a little shy about getting involved in some back doing games, but opening boundaries and boundaries may further enhance your orgasm.

“It’s not just about touching the penis, it’s about enhancing wakefulness and pleasure,” Nelson said. You and your partner can start from the bottom, touching, licking, biting from the nipples, thighs, abdomen and the entire penis, until the shaft and tip, will be scrotum and scrotum. This helps to expand the boundaries or routines of sex life to include new and mixed well-being. ”

3 ways to enhance male orgasm 3. Try a ring or ball stretcher

Trying to get all the frank advice from a sex expert can definitely help you maximize your performance, but using only body parts can help you achieve your goals. That’s not to say you can’t get a killer experience with your partner’s hands, body and mouth, but it’s hard to tell how happy you’re going to be when paired with toys made for a specific purpose.

Sex expert Sienna Sinclaire said: “Some of the attachments on the ring vibrate on the ball, allowing his hand to do other things freely. “Or you can try a ball stretcher. It sounds scarier than it usually does in the fetish sector. The key, however, is that you can mount the device on your ball as you please and pull it for you when you operate the. ”

Here are some interesting gadgets to consider, especially if you’re looking for the best sex market of your life (and isn’t it?):


If you’ve ever had an adventurous partner who pulls your ball a little bit when you step on it, you’ll know that this slight feeling can be a big shift. If you want to take it to the next level (and your pleasure), consider buying a spherical stretcher. Although the name sort-of speaks for itself, it’s nice to know that you should be very careful and timid about this device at the beginning, especially since any accident under the belt can be very painful.


O RingO

If you’re on the brave side (or looking for a different feeling), choose this tighter, temporary way to reduce blood flow.Amazon.com$ 7.99

Try penile pump

“Many men have difficulty maintaining an erection, or are simply dissatisfied with the size of the erection, ” says Sinclair. Penis pumps are a great way to really improve yourself before sex and during sexual intercourse. Rooster rings, they can make your trip longer than usual. ”

High vacuum Man’s penis pump with powerful suction force makes it easy to grip the pump handle for maximum width

Be careful that any penis pump is your best friend. Although it may temporarily help you increase the size of your axis, cut off the loop, this is not a long-term solution if you are not satisfied with the length or peri-d’ath. Having said that, penis pumps are an interesting experiment for you and your partner, offering a different feeling than traditional sex. Go further than a masturbation case, ride the toy with plenty of lubricant.


Use a prostate massager。

Sinclaire explains: “Prostate massagers are incredible sex toys for boys and will be an integral part of your toy box. They vary in thickness, but most of them are usually thin, and the spherical ends are designed to slide easily inside the anus to stimulate your prostate They are smooth, lightweight and easy to maintain, and provide the strongest orgasms. “

Make sure to practice healthy communication, as this new area can lead to some people being marginalized.

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