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Everyone wants to be a happy host to their partner, and we know that’s true.

Unfortunately, there is no formula for how to please every woman, and you can’t always rely on a new sexual partner to convey her desires early. So what if a man in a hurry wants to impress any partner’s world positively?

No matter who you’re with or what you’re with, there’s an ingredient that will keep you separate from all other lovers: diversity is the spice of your sex life.

It doesn’t matter how hot the pace is. If you do the same thing in bed, again and again, things are bound to get a little old. That’s why you need to mix something and surprise your partner with more adventurous tricks and new ways of having fun. If you can not only spot her hot spots but also introduce her to hot spots she doesn’t know about, you can almost guarantee repeat customers or at least regulars.

Fortunately for you, these breeding grounds for pornography (also known as areas) are spread throughout the female body and are surprisingly easy to entertain. So open some sensitive music, light some scented candles, and settle down – it’s time to explore!

Top 10 Sex Zones for Women

From her head all the way to her toes, here are ten of the most important sex zones that can help her:

10 women’s arousal points 1. Her head

Have you ever felt those warm fuzzy stings from head to toe at the end of a scalp massage? That’s because the skin above the head is filled with nerves that are extremely sensitive to touch. Stimulating the scalp in the right way releases a large number of feel-good hormones such as oxycodone and oxytocin. It also increases blood flow, not only to her brain (the largest sex organ, remember?). ), but also increased the flow of blood throughout her body.

The next time you kiss or hug your partner, open your finger, slowly cut it through your hair, and gently stroke her scalp with your fingertips. Start behind her ears, at the bottom of her head, and loop to the front, as if she were giving her hair a shampoo. Scalp massages are both soothing and emotional: they help relieve stress and give her the mood to perform other stimulating activities.

10 women’s arousal points 2. Her ears

Although many tiny nerve endings in the ear respond pleasantly to the brain, they receive little attention in everyday life. This makes them a hot spot for sexy moments. Still, not everyone is satisfied with the complete penetration of the tongue to the ear, so the trick is to start slowly from scratch and gradually reach fuller ear contact.

First, gently sketch your partner’s C-shaped outline with your fingertips or tongue. Gently kiss her earlobe or gently hang it in her mouth, then massage it with your lips. If she is satisfied, use it as a green light to start eating or sucking the lung leaves. Once you’re more comfortable with the landscape, try combining all these movements over and over again, sticking your tongue into the center of her ear for a surprising but enjoyable feel.

Another good way to stimulate this is sound! Never underestimate the power of low mo-whispers or sultry whispers to blow directly (but softly) into the airway to drive her crazy desires.

10 women’s arousal points 3. Her lips

Lips are the most exposed of all libido areas and are packed with a large number of nerve endings (100 times more than our fingertips) that are sensitive to even the slightest touch. Stimulating them releases large amounts of feel-good hormones into our brains, affecting our moods and our women’s parts. That’s why kissing is so important to couples. It enhances intimacy and helps partners connect, and it feels good.

Obviously, kissing gives the lips the best stimulation, but don’t be afraid to add pleasure! Don’t press your mouth like a dead fish on her mouth. Lick with your lips, tongue and teeth, bite and stroke her upper and lower lips. Every once in a while, take a break from the kiss, stare into her eyes and hold her breath, then gently outline her lips with your thumb before leaning over.

10 women’s arousal points 4. Her neck

The neck is the most sensitive area for light and one of the sexiest places to touch, lick and kiss. Because the skin in this area is thin, it doesn’t take much time to feel good. Even gentle breathing on the back of the neck can make a woman’s spine tremble.

Even if your partner hasn’t been fully inspired, it’s a huge sexual stimulus. Try sweeping your hair up and planting a gentle, warm kiss along the side of your neck near your neck to check your pulse. The skin here is particularly thin, which means that every feeling is magnified. You can then gently kiss her earlobe, gently bite it once or twice, and then enter the full lip lock.

10 women’s arousal points 5. Her nipples

Although special attention has been paid to nipples for many years, few people know how to maximize their potential. Studies have shown that nipple stimulation is performed in the same area like the clitoris and vaginal contact, making it a key part of a woman’s pleasure tit-for-tying.

When gently massaging your partner’s breasts with one hand, gently draw the area around the nipple with your fingers or tongue before you place your open mouth on your nipples. Try gently holding the nipple in your mouth with your lips and moving your tongue back and forth on it; massage the area with your lips and tongue, paying attention to her body cues to determine her favourite area.

In addition to licking and sucking, you can gently massage her nipples with clitoris vibrators such as We-Vibe Touch at low settings because they are very sensitive to vibration

10 women’s arousal points 6. Her lower back

No woman can resist the power of an emotional back massage, either at the end of a long day or on another Tuesday. The back is covered with muscles and nerves that respond positively to touch, while small parts of the back are particularly sensitive.

First, gently stroke and stroke her back, focusing most of her attention on the bone, which refers to the lower back area above the end of the lumbar vertebrae, which is rich in nerve endings. You can then start rubbing either side of her spine with your thumb (but not directly above the spine) to massage the area above the hip. After adding some luxurious massage oil, this action becomes particularly hot, such as moisturizing oil in Emily’s and Tony’s aromatherapy massage candles.

This not only helps relax the partner but also increases blood flow to the pelvic area and increases its sensitivity. Perfect next step!

10 women’s arousal points 7. Her abdomen

Many women have a lot of insecurity in their abdomens, but the fact is that the abdomen is a very erotic area that cannot be ignored. A woman’s abdominal muscles are connected to her vagina, which is why some women can even achieve orgasm by doing only core exercises. Gently stimulating these muscles in the foreplay causes them to contract in anticipation, which actually causes a wake-up call. Also, the skin area between the breast and the cheekbone mound is filled with nerve endings and is close to the genitals, making it more sensitive to touch.

As your partner crosses you, start slowly stroking your fingers on your stomach or abdomen (between abdominal buttons and cheekbones), which stimulates blood flow to the lower abdomen. Keep your strokes lower and lower, close to her lower body area, and lift them. Until she pleads with you for more direct stimulation, this expectation will attract attention.

10 women’s arousal points 8. Her clitoris

The clitoris is the only purpose of the body to provide pleasure. Filled with 8,000 nerve endings in such a small space, you must respect this ratio!

The sensitivity of each clitoris is a little different. For some women, even the slight pressure at the fingertips may be too great, while others may be more stimulated. Turn on the light: Gently massage the clitoris with two fingers. Try circular motion, or you can switch by moving up and down. Experiment with different speeds and pressures to see which method is best for the recipient. Remember, this is not a procrastinity experience, so keep it gentle. A little lubrication certainly doesn’t hurt.

You can also stimulate the clitoris with your mouth and even bring a vibrator into it! Je Joue’s egg-shaped Mimi is the perfect sex toy to stimulate the clitoris.

10 women’s arousal points 9. The inside of her thigh

As the recipient of the itchy battle will tell you, the inside of the thigh is very sensitive to all forms of touch. The inner thighs and the back of the knees are filled with nerve endings and are often considered one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so gentle touch and licking are the most desirable.

The next time you plan to get along with your partner, take a detour and show a little love for the inside of her thighs. Stimulate the skin there with gentle finger strokes and light licks, and breathe gently on the slight wet spots of the tongue that have just appeared. You can even massage her thighs during oral sex, which stimulates blood flow to her genitals and makes everything in your mouth feel much better.

10 women’s arousal points 10. Her feet

You don’t have to be infatuated to show a little love to your partner’s feet. Many people are surprised to find that foot stimulation can actually be turned on! This is because there are stress points on your feet that are thought to cause sexual arousal, or at least help her relieve stress after a hard day.

Put your partner’s foot on your leg and treat her toenails (hopefully clean) for sensory friction. First, massage your feet and rub them upward with your thumb in a circle. Move slowly along the length of the foot, then repeat the kneading action, then move up again until the toe. Keep in mind that this is not a power contest, so ask what kind of pressure she likes.

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