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what not to do after a breakup

Breaking up sucks. They are. You are closing the door on the entire universe that you share with others. You’re killing your imaginary future, and you’re no longer a boyfriend, …

emotional Life Love Psychology

Can you fall in love with 2 person at the same time?

When we think of love, such as true love, romantic love, love of passion, we tend to think of two people are important to each other, and ultimately prevent others …

emotional Life Love Psychology

5 stages of a breakup

According to a 2015 study of more than 5,000 people in 96 countries, women experience more emotional pain than men after a breakup. However, the researchers found that while women …

emotional Life Love Psychology

What happens when you stop having sex?

There may be many reasons why you don’t have sex regularly or at all. Maybe you’ve been modelling your marriage until you get married or your relationship reaches a milestone. …

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How to get along with old women and make love to older woman?

How do you get along with old women? 1, full of confidence to attract her attention Self-confidence is giving people strength and happiness. With self-confidence, we can have the courage …

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4 qualities of love

See a sentence said: “Now many people, often because of lack of understanding and attract each other, but also because of too much understanding and have to separate.”   Love …

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How to leave an abusive relationship?

If I’m going to use one word to describe the serious consequences of emotional abuse, it’s “invisible”. In a relationship, emotional abuse doesn’t leave you with physical scars, but deep …

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10 women’s arousal points

Everyone wants to be a happy host to their partner, and we know that’s true. Unfortunately, there is no formula for how to please every woman, and you can’t always …

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3 ways to enhance male orgasm

For women, there is a difference between large and powerful intense orgasms and small, frequent orgasms. Although you may prefer to decrypt between the two (and for the former!). ), …

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First date tips for girls

First date tips for girls. First, styling wear In appearance, you need a little change, but not too deliberately: the change is to make him feel that you attach great …