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What do guys like about girls?

A Japanese variety show experimented on the subject.

The original text is as follows Although we have been taught from a string that spiritual beauty is the true beauty, in real life, we see too much because appearance suffered unfair treatment. Why do so many girls go make-up, wear make-up, lose weight, beauty and even risk disfigure to have a facelift? All to be good-looking, good-looking people’s life path will really be more than ugly people.

What do guys like about girls?

Whether it is China or Japan and South Korea, an appearance from a young man is determined by a lot of things, a good-looking little girl must have very friends around, many little boys like to approach. Girls who don’t look good can only be sidelined. To the community, the beauty and ugliness of the face are determined by a lot of different treatments.

In Japan’s appearance can even determine the employment rate in the workplace, in fact, the domestic is the same, the same situation must be good-looking easier to work.

The program group also did such an experiment, first, let the girl Su Yan on the street to ask passers-by to borrow a little money. The girl’s face is relatively waxy yellow, and there are many pox prints, eyes also have no spirit.

All the men passing by refused, even in a very bad manner. The girl had borrowed it for a long time and felt a little desperate.

That’s when the girls themselves became a lot more confident.

The program group later made up for the girls and turned them into good-looking beauties.

It’s easy to borrow money from men who come and go, and many men leave business cards in the hope that girls will be able to connect often in the future.

On the show, the ugly girl group poignantly said that their daily unfair treatment, friendship with the lovely girls will be praised like Beichuan Jingzi, but described themselves as like moon cakes.

The beauty group said that beautiful women also have trouble, but we also see beautiful women are superior and confident smiles to say. It’s annoying to say that you’re always being hooked up because you don’t want your private time occupied.

In fact, behind this problem is also supported by psychological principles, the root cause of human love is “to maintain the continuity of species.” We, humans, are creatures, and of course, we have an instinct to inherit family and genetics. To leave behind healthy offspring, men will like attractive young women. Then the chest is big, buttocks and a better face are a typical characteristic of attractive women, boys subconsciously will choose such girls as spouses to reproduce higher-quality offspring.

Although in modern society, these characteristics will be weakened, the boy as a visual animal, is an important reference for his choice of the love object, if your figure is really not satisfactory, you can also make up through other ways, such as your gentle character, exquisite cooking, colourful life and so on. That said, the question cannot be double-marked. The sexes are mutual, and beauty is common. Isn’t it the same reaction for a girl to see a handsome guy? 

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