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20 facts about girls 1. The female urethra is separate from the vagina, not the same channel.

2. Women should use toilet paper after urinating, because the female urethra is shorter, straight, thicker than men, and lack physiological narrowness, so it is easy to have urinary tract infections.

3. Women excrete about 400 eggs in their lifetime, about 12 years old at the beginning of the tide began ovulation, 48 years old after month then no egg cells excreted.

4. Not everyone bleeds for the first time, either because of a congenital lack of virgin membranes, or because virgin membranes have different structures.

5. There are a few hard lumps in the breast, pain before menstruation is breast hyper plus, benign, but should not knead stimulation.

6. Ovulation is about 14 days before the next menstruation, a good time is conducive to pregnancy, but it is not recommended to use the safe period as a safety measure.

7. Menstruation is endometrial necrosis, of course, will be painful! It’s going to be because everyone’s physique is different and the pain level is different.

8. The best age for women to have children is between 23 and 30 years old.

9. Sanitary napkin is a mirror problem stuck on underwear. A girl’s menstruation is a week, not a day, or a band-aid a day. She needs a lot of sanitary napkins a week. 

10. Menstruation and the period of time in the future is the most need for company, sexual desire is also relatively high, so boys must take care of her warm.

20 facts about girls 11. If you wait for the girls who have Liu Hai to go out, you must be patient and be patient again, because they have worked very hard, even if you do not wash your hair, you have to wash Liu Hai and blow it.

12. The first time a girl really hurts, please boys must be gentle and gentle again, after a period of time she may feel that she lost the most precious things, so the mood may not be very good, please accompany her.

13. Many girls are angry not for people, but your attitude. Please don’t reason, hold her and love her, let her feel your gentleness.

14. Girls will feel happy when they receive flowers, please discard your idea of being embarrassed to buy flowers and send flowers for waste.

15. Lipstick, perfume, jewelry girls like it very much, and you may want to try it when you don’t know what to send. Dior, Saint-Roland, Armani…

16. When the girl is angry and wronged and doesn’t want to talk, don’t force her to ask, just accompany her by her side.

17. It takes more time and effort for girls to bathe than you think.

18. There is a cleavage that is not necessarily really big, go to the Internet to search for a gathered bra, it is understood that AB change C is not a dream. Girls who don’t look big are not necessarily small and often make you satisfied more than they seem.

19. If you don’t know how much a girl values you, you can see how refined her make-up was when she saw you.

20. Girls really like to eat, really no resistance to snacks, please pet her.

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