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20 facts about girls

20 facts about girls 1. The female urethra is separate from the vagina, not the same channel. 2. Women should use toilet paper after urinating, because the female urethra is shorter, …

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I Can’t Stop Facebook-Stalking My Ex

After a breakup, a lot of people always wonder how their ex is doing – how’s he doing with me? Who did he go out with again?I Can’t Stop Facebook-Stalking …

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1. How on earth did the Gaydar ring? Gaydar is also the radar that detects Gay. This is an ability to indirectly determine a person’s sexual orientation. Many people in …

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Marriage after baby

The choice of whether or not to have a baby and when to have one is becoming more and more difficult these days. Some couples may worry that having children …

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emotional Life Love Psychology

Healthy marriage

What does a healthy relationship look like?
Psychologist and sex therapist Peter Kanaris explains: “It’s a bit like a stock market chart. “If you look at the chart, it’s up and down, but will your market chart go up over time?” After being hit, is the bounce back?

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What is sex abuse?

Best BDSM Toys. What is BDSM? So what does it really mean? “BDSM is a general term for activities and relationship dynamics,” said Derek Newton, owner of Simpatic.us – It’s …

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How to prevent std?

SEXUALLY is a unique infection – at least from our point of view. Sexually transmitted diseases (often referred to as sexually transmitted diseases or STDs) have a poor reputation, although …

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How to choose condom size?

Now, the question of choosing the right condom raises another question: Is it possible to choose the wrong condom?
Unfortunately, the answer is yes.