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That’s right, a decent girl is going to be ready before a date, and it’s not just underwear, there’s a lot more detail to perfect. How to prepare for sex?Dating depends on feeling, reflecting the chic personal charm, from the visual party, hearing, smell touch, taste of these five senses to analyze your preparation:

How to prepare for sex? 1

Vision is the most intuitive and basic. When he unbuttons your underwear, it’s number one.

He may even have a vague understanding of what style you will be in bed

Can also be the embodiment of personal style, such as dark king, pure girl.

Don’t ignore a detail in bright underwear, whether the pubic hair is trimmed beautifully.

So how to choose sexy underwear? There are many dimensions.

You can choose to match the painted clothes.

How to prepare for sex? 2

Don’t lose sight of the magic of music.

People are in the warm period, in the car just chat, the most hand in hand, if playing a beautiful song, two people came to feel.

Generally when dating boys lead the process to create a romantic atmosphere. Romantic men know how to play music.

If not suitable for playing music, pay attention to their breathing sound, gentle turn of the rapid breathing sound, is the prelude to moaning before the date is worth practicing.

How to prepare for sex? 3

Smell. The body has no odor just to be through. A sexual player will choose the right perfume to show themselves.

In front of the neck, in front of the navel… Get some aromas in the areas where you want him to kiss near! (Be careful not to taste too strong, the best to show a hint of silk).

Don’t forget your tone.

Brush your teeth in advance and everyone knows! If you’ve eaten together on a date, it’s basic to prepare mint, chewing gum and fresh breath.

How to prepare for sex? 4


When vision is seduced hearing is flirted, smell is attracted, it is bound to start touching each other

Touch, soft tender is the best.

Almost every Ai child can think of should bathe in moisturizer before time to ensure that the skin is tender.

But there are a few points to pay attention to in detail.

Women’s refinement lies in the details, you can think of the whole body moisturizing milk, but also think of rough parts


For example, the edge of the nail, between the fingers, holding hands I he may repeatedly.

Usually the edge of the nail can be treated regularly with special finger oil, the pre-date bag can be packed.

A small hand cream, dry can be applied at any time.

For example, the outside of the thigh /ass, which is close to the exclusion zone position he will certainly “explore.”

But many girls here chicken skin position is often accompanied by dark and rough, this situation temporarily wipe no more than too much.

Always feel that the foot is a very sexual part, gently touch are full of teasing. Feet are also entangled when two people come into close contact. But too many people ignore the tenderness of their feet, especially the heels and high heels wear more will grind up

The mule. The good news is to use the foot exfoliation products, and then make a foot mask.


Speaking of soft touch, the play should be lips! Kissing is memorable, and if the lips are dry, they don’t look good.

Exfoliation, lip smear and lip balm are three routines for lip inhibition.

If you find peeling before the date, follow these three steps to do it again.

Carry a lip moistening bag with you.

Pay attention to the choice of lipstick, do not wax, do not be too sticky

The simplest detection method is to apply lipstick to their own hands back, wei feel not greasy not oily soft, this lip balm on the right

How to prepare for sex? 5


You should have bathed before, but what if you went to the bathroom halfway through? If the appointment is only a day before the step

What’s the problem? What if sex is so sudden that you don’t have time to go again?

Answer: The bag can be prepared with a private special sanitary wipes, which will keep you clean

No odor.

However, the sex man can not stop at no smell, the foreplay when the lights off a little incense

Lavender candles can also as oil to massage the other half.

In this way, a seductive foreplay begins


As the saying goes, before you take care of others, take care of yourself.

Prepare the list in advance, just like you take a travel map, first figure out how to go, you can get to the end, and then start free to play improvisation, how comfortable how to open your world, be yourself and his good lover, wipe out your most beautiful spark.

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