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If you really miss someone and know they miss you too, that’s fine.

Here are 13 ways to let you know if someone misses you, too.

It is painful to miss a person, it is also a lonely experience.

When you miss someone, your body and mind are hurt.

You can quit your food or turn to junk food to comfort yourself.

You will find it difficult to concentrate on other things besides thinking about him.

You find yourself crying all the time.

How to know if someone misses you psychology?

If you know if someone misses you, it gives you a little comfort because they feel the same way.

Of course, there may be many reasons why you miss someone.

Maybe they moved far away.

Or you had a relationship, and now you don’t.

But thankfully, they miss you, too.

How do you know someone’s thinking about you?

If another person feels the same way, you can usually make up for it and find a way to meet again.

On the other hand, if you’re sure they don’t miss you, it’s time to move on.

So, how do you know if someone misses you?

Here are 13 signs that make this clear.

You are still friends on social media.

If someone hates you, they’ll remove you from all their social media channels, right?

If they don’t, it’s probably because they want to follow you.

They’ll keep looking at your photos and keep in touch with you, so if they want to, they can try to contact you, or you can contact them.

Of course, if they tell you that they have to remove you from social media because it’s so sad to see you and your past, it can also be a sign.

They haven’t found someone to replace you yet.

Those who are ready to leave you will find a replacement for you in this world!

If they haven’t found their other half yet, it’s probably because they’re still thinking about you and hoping you’ll get back in touch.

How to know if someone misses you psychology? 2. They call you and text you, “especially late at night”.

Late-night phone calls and text messages usually mean one thing.

The first thing they want to do is talk to you again.

If they go out and have fun and don’t miss you at all, they won’t have to call or leave a message.

If they do, it’s because you’re in their heads.

Alcohol gives them the courage to connect.

3. Post a lot of their new social lives on social media and let them know what you’re going to see.

Well, they almost certainly want you to sit up and pay attention to them.

People sometimes work in mysterious ways.

If they always seem to have fun with people you’ve never met or heard of, they’re trying to make you jealous.

4. They demean you or your new partner

If they sneer at you or your new partner, it’s clear they’re still hurting you and miss you.

They lash out at you and want you to feel as bad as they do.

5.They try to remember the past.

Are they always talking about “good old times” or trying to remind you of the good old days you had?

That’s because they miss you so much and want to go back to that time and place.

6. They’ll post pictures of themselves in your favourite places.

They’re obviously reminiscing and all the fun you had together.

By posting it to everyone, they’re also trying to make you remember.

7. They always seem to “hit” you.

Do you often run into them by chance?

If they know where you might be going and are always there, they may be hoping they’ll see you. 

8. They won’t return your things.

Have you exchanged many gifts over the years, or have you left your favourite t-shirt at their house?

If they always make excuses not to return their phones to you, it’s probably because they’re snuggling up in bed every night!

9. You see pictures of them wearing the t-shirt/necklace/sweater you sent.

They made it clear to you that they still miss you.

If you see every photo of them or every time you come face to face with them, they’re wearing what you gave them, and obviously, they miss you very much.

10. They always want to meet.

Do they always come up with great reasons to say you two are going to meet?

Will they become more creative, weirder, and more ridiculous overtime?

This man obviously misses you, but he doesn’t want you to know, for fear you don’t like him.

11. Their friends and relatives are still very nice to you

They have made it clear to their closest people that they miss you very much.

So, all the people who love them are trying to be nice to you and try to win your heart back!

12. Your photos are still flooding their social media.

If their social media accounts are full of your face, or they retweet or share memories of your time, it’s clear they miss you so much that they want to see you again.

13. They try to get information from your friends.

Are they always trying to get secret information from your friends about what you’re doing, who you’re with, and whether you might miss them?

If your friends mention that your ex always pesters them to ask you about it, or even subtly asks you, it’s because they miss you so much.

They’re trying to compound it.

What is the most obvious sign that someone wants you?

Of course, they will tell you!

Usually, people don’t play games, they tell you straight away, and then they’ll see if you take action!

So now that you know these 13 signs, they can definitely help you know if someone is missing you too!

Now, it’s up to you.

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