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How to know if a guy is playing you?

1.For men, love is not the whole of life, accounting for only 30% of the total, and 70% is allocated to friends, family, career and interests. You know how important a career is to men, how important money is to men, and how important fame and wealthis to men. Ninety-nine percent of men put career money ahead of women. It’s pointless for you to ask a man to put you first. Can you bring him social status, credit? Love is deep, but it’s nothing. Life must have a money base that determines it. So please understand him, he’s busy he’s not free to contact you, he’s trying to create wealth. Then please also busy, you should also actively work hard for your work career day by day, and strive to make money, which is necessary. You must also have a career, at least in keeping with him. This way you can be on an equal footing with him in economic status, the bottom is enough, the spirit will have a common language. Don’t worry about whether he loves you all day.

2.don’t think that men he can’t live without you.

Don’t always threaten men by breaking up. 90% of women say that when they break up, it’s just for men to keep themselves.Then give yourself psychological comfort that this man still loves himself, 50% of women achieve the goal, 50% of women are really broken up, the 50% of women after the break-up that sad and self-blame. Say that they were not good at that time, do not understand, in fact, men are very good to her, are her own work, and then no dignity to ask for compound. Do you think it makes sense, it’s fun? Your behavior only makes men feel very annoying and tired, people will be tired. Feel wasted spirit waste time.

Break-up is not casually said, say hurt feelings, you and your man only 1 time to say break up the opportunity, that is, you really decided to break up, you have thought about it for a long time, you think this man is not suitable for you, you go down is a waste of time, for their own happiness break-up is the most rational choice, and without regret, then please be brave to say break-up. If such a split of the hand, perhaps after the separation there will be a short period of sadness, because to adapt, but not too sad, because this is a rational choice. At the same time, you will have a good memory in a man’s heart. He will think of you from time to time and miss you. Maybe one day in the future, you will meet again.

How to know if a guy is playing you?

3. the man and you broke up, please decisively without half hesitation to turn away.

Don’t go why, because men’s answers can be strange, 90% of men will put the reasons to objective factors, such as economics, family conditions, academic, career and so on, few men honestly tell you just because you don’t love you, you don’t feel. However, I want to tell you, in fact, the reason for breaking up is really only one, he does not love you, no feeling, although very hit, but you have to face and accept. Women, don’t go to the man to find reasons, don’t believe his ghost, if these are reasons, then he and any woman in love there are these problems, he does not deserve to fall in love, but the fact is, after breaking up with you soon after, he has a new joy! You know, don’t love is not love, no interest tied love itself is very fragile, today there is a feeling can be 72 hours tired together, but this feeling will slowly weaken, to your body did not attract him after the things, you can not bring him economic or spiritual benefits, he is more and more far away from you. Therefore, in the moment he mentioned the break-up, please maintain dignity, do not like a woman abandoned the same entanglement, decisively leave, and then actively look for the next relationship.

How to know if a guy is playing you?

4.Don’t be too nice to a man in love.You rarely be nice to a man, then he will always remember that you treat him like his mother every day, he felt that it is taken for granted, will not cherish. Your purpose is to make him suffer, never too sure how much you love him, let him worry, let him always maintain the desire to conquer, I said that a man’s desire to conquer and libido is his natural instinct, you can not forcibly deprive, if he lost the desire to conquer you, then you are not far away from being dumped. In fact, it is not difficult for a man to get a woman to bed, why do many women go to bed after the man is not very good to her, or lazy to talk to it? Because he did not conquer the desire, a lot of women once in bed, they feel that they are completely with this man, this man do everything so, so you have no value. Going to bed is just a means to bring your relationship closer, but it doesn’t mean that after going to bed your heart is completely his, you have to let him although he got your people, but has not really got your heart, let him start to find ways to really get your heart, so that challenging, his desire to conquer オ will be more level, more inspired. People’s thinking is always very simple, after going to bed you or he thinks you are his woman, you want to eliminate his idea of sleep does not mean that you are his woman, your heart has not completely given him, this is to let him the most chest-tight thing, the more depressed he is you have the lead, this is what I said must let him always keep conquering.

5. fall in love with you, does not mean that you must marry.

Not that the other person is playing with feelings, but people are watching if you are the right wife. Women, if that man has no plans to marry you for the time being, you don’t feel sad, in fact, you also have more time to choose the right person, not necessarily really just him. It’s good to give both sides more time, more space to study, to select, to be responsible to both sides. Don’t just fall in love for a few days, just think about getting married, you will be disappointed and desperate. We grow and mature in love, our ultimate goal is to get married, but that doesn’t mean that any love must result in marriage. Experience is important, love is the same, talk a few more times to accumulate experience, you know what kind of person you need, the clearer the outline, the closer you are to getting married.

Believe that you are all smart, you can identify men those behavior is really like as mentioned above? Those behaviors are just to play with you?

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