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Marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding, and the divorce rate is increasing year by year, which means that modern people’s view of marriage and love may have changed. In this rapid development of the era, in the face of more and more temptations, men more and more do not want to be responsible, women more and more material, want more and more, so there are a lot of older leftover men and women.

In fact, whether it is a boyfriend, or a husband, in life has these manifestations, that means that he has no love in his heart, began to dislike and avoid you have the following characteristics?

Does my husband love me? 1. Fewer words.

Communication is the most convenient way for people to communicate, but also to understand each other, the way to convey love, but when two people do not speak much, do not communicate much, that means the feelings must be out of the question. If your husband used to talk a lot, very willing to communicate with you to share their work and life, but now your husband does not talk much, do not want to talk to you, a person does not even want to talk to you, that is how to dislike and to avoid you. It means your husband has started not to like and avoid you from the heart.

Does my husband love me? 2. Very impatient.

As a wife don’t pay attention anymore. When your husband loves you, no matter what you say he is very patient to listen to, but also in due course to give you some feasible advice, but if your husband is obviously very impatient with you, do not want to listen to you, in the face of you always face. No matter what you say in his eyes is wrong, very impatient to listen to you speak, always interrupt you halfway through, if your husband appears in this situation, that means he really does not love you, the heart of the dislike and avoid you, you have to be vigilant, or you will regret it later.

Does my husband love me? 3. Become very cold. In general, when the wife is not feeling well, husbands are quick to care about condolences to the wife pour water, or quickly consult a doctor, but when you say that you are not feeling well, your husband did not come to comfort you, did not come to the pain, take care of you, that means he really from the bottom of his heart dislike and avoid you, or do not love you. Everyone wants their marriage to be perfect and happy, but not everyone can do it, in any case, I hope everyone cherishes the marriage, more patience, more trust. Does your husband have these performances?

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