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If you’re ready to have sex for the first time, you may worry about all sorts of things – how you’re going to feel, how long it’s going to last, how you’re going to get hurt, what your partner’s going to think.

But there’s one more thing worth considering: the position you’re using.

There are many different positions for two people to try, but some are more suitable for more experienced people in this department.

When you have sex for the first time, you may try four or five different positions.

In fact, the likelihood of sex being long longer than considering changing your position is quite small.

Instead, you may choose a position where you feel comfortable and stick to it.

Once you and your partner are comfortable with that position, both physically and emotionally, there is no limit.

A great way to help you have a pleasant and safe first fun, here are some important tips, as well as expert-approved body position options that are great virgins – whether it’s your choice, the person you want to sleep with or both.

Get ready to have sex for the first time.Best position to lose virginity

The first thing you should know is that it’s good to do a little preparation.

Of course, sometimes sex just happens – one thing leads to another, and all your other plans are thrown aside – but if you’ve never had sex with another person before, it’s a good time to make sure you know something before you actually try.

First, you should talk to your potential partner about sex before trying, “no matter how awkward you feel,” suggests Dr. Emily Morse, a sex and intimacy expert at Skien, who also points out that it’s important to bring condoms and lubricants.

“If you bring some lubricant, you’ll get more extra points,” she said.

“Once you start having sex, use lubricants and condoms, which is the best way to maintain safe sex habits throughout your sex career – trust me.” 

Best position to lose virginity.


Another good thing you can do for yourself (and your partner)?

Try not to reproduce what you see online.

Sex isn’t just about putting it in and banging it up, as you’d see in most, says Dr. Jess O’Reilly, the host of the Make Her Crazy video course.

“Most sexual contact accumulates before insertion, and many continue after insertion.”

Lowering expectations is also a good idea, both for yourself and the whole process.

Sex is beautiful and needs practice, and that’s what virgins don’t have.

“Please don’t worry about your time,” O’Reilly added.

Move forward slowly and don’t count the minutes and seconds that pass by.

Instead, you should adapt to the experience and enjoy it.

If your ejaculation faster than you want, don’t be nervous. ”

She points out that if you’re both still excited, there’s nothing wrong with aiming for “the second round and/or continuing to create pleasure with your hands, mouth and other parts of your body.”

Next, though slightly more obvious, it should always be remembered that this is a physical and emotional pleasure, not a painful one.

“Sex shouldn’t hurt you (unless you want to), so don’t think it’s your first time, you need to accept a certain amount of pain,” O’Reilly said.

“If you feel pain, slow down, reassemble, and find other ways to arouse libido before you continue inserting.”

Tips for making love for the first time:

Being really ready to have sex with you and someone for how long, how ready your partner is, is not about your age.

If you think this is your first time, there are some things you should know:

“Be prepared for safer sex and don’t leave it to your partner,” O’Reilly said.

Practice wearing a condom several times in advance.

Knowing how it feels when you roll it down from start to finish can be helpful. ”

Don’t do anything unless you both feel comfortable

“Don’t do anything that makes you and your partner uncomfortable, ” Morse suggests.

“Men are under pressure from society and friends to do anything about sex when they get the chance, but make sure that’s what you want to do.”

And if your partner decides to stop, you need to listen and stop what you’re doing. ”

Keep an eye on your partner.

“Pay attention to your partner’s body and reactions,” Morse says.

“Are they short of breath?” Do they look miserable? Did they arch their backs?”

All of this is something to remember when you have sex for the first time, and never think that an oral examination will ruin the moment.

Say that.

“Does it feel good?”

“Do you like me moaning?”

“How do you like people to touch you?”

It’s all a great way to communicate with your partner. ”

Don’t try to imitate.

Don’t do anything you learn from, Morse warns.

“Pornography is entertainment, not real sex.

This may seem interesting, but you need to discuss everything with your partner before you try. ”

“Make sure you take it slow, take it slow, and really focus on all aspects of sex, except insertion – including oral sex, kissing and using your hands,” Morse said.

You want to make your partner as comfortable as possible, you want to make sure that you want them to be as happy as you are.

Oh, if you’re with a woman, be sure to pay attention to the clitoris. ”

Don’t be too nervous.

“Don’t be stressed,” O’Reilly said.

“It’s just sex. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about performance.

This may be your first time, but it won’t be the last, so if it’s not an exciting experience, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to try again.

The best position to lose virginity.


Carly Lange, a lover who had sex as a missionary

Missionary position is a very popular position, and many people almost think of it as the default sexual position.

It consists of two legs apart, two legs apart, one on top and the other below.

Both sides are face-to-face, the crotch is aligned, the head is close to the other, and the person at the top is inserted into the other.

This allows you to make eye contact, kiss, and have a general sense of intimacy when your chests are tightly tied together.

It can be used, whether male or female or vaginal or puncture, which makes it versatile.

“When someone loses their virginity, missionaries are always the preferred position,” Morse said.

“It’s a standard sex position, it’s more closely related than other positions because you can see each other’s faces, so you can really use facial expressions to show that everyone is enjoying it, and there are a lot of ways to adjust it to make everyone feel comfortable.”

Sitting position

Couples have sex with girls in denim at the top of the Carlee Ranger

Also known as the “cowgirl” or “upper female” position, like the missionary position, it can be used for both anal and vaginal sex, for anyone of any sex.

A bit like missionary, it refers to the above partner sitting across the inserted partner, inserted from below, rather than from above.

You are also face-to-face here, which means that there may be a lot of eye contact;

The top person can also tilt forward or back to achieve more or less physical contact to help achieve a better insertion angle.

“It’s another good place to start sex, because (from a heterosexual perspective), women can really control the depth and rhythm of sex,” Morse said.

She can control the depth of your penis at her own pace so she doesn’t feel pain.

Also, women are more likely to orgasm in this way, especially when they are grinding on you, rather than up and down. ”

Both postures include face-to-face contact and may have a lot of eye contact.

However, some people may be too shy to look directly at each other during sex, especially if this is their first time.

That is, no matter which position you choose – whether it’s one of the above or a completely different one – as long as both sides like the idea and feel comfortable, it’s right for you.

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