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You may not think your couch is a potential place to fall in love.

After all, this is where you fall on the couch after work and lie on every mat and don’t want to do anything.

Once you sit down, it’s hard for you to stand up again.

Of course, if you want to use the bathroom or get something from the fridge, you have to take action, but what if you want to have sex?

Does sitting on the couch ruin that feeling?

Definitely not.

In fact, to support the possibility of making love on the couch, we want you to take Netflix and Hill to the next level, with some couch-specific positions – all of which can be done away from the couch.

Below, you’ll find 9 sex sofa positions.

Alexandra Fine, chief executive of Dame Products, explains: “Sofas are usually a little lower than beds, allowing you to try out positions that can be difficult to achieve.”

“If you’re penetrating, sit on the edge of the couch. Invite your partner over and let them sit across your lap. Then they can fall on you.

Your partner can put your hands on your lap or sofa cushion and use them to gas you up and down. ”

Having said that, don’t let her do all the work.

After all, sex is a matter for two people.

It’s a team effort.

“Don’t be afraid to meet in the middle – a sitting partner can push up, ” fine says.

“Teamwork makes dreams come true.”

Sofa surfing 

Dr. Jess O’Reilly, a resident sexologist at Astroglide, explains: “One side is sitting on the sofa, the other is sitting on their laps, facing the same direction (away from their partner).

“They can sit up straight or bend down and grab their ankles to experience all kinds of feelings.

When you let your partner take control, you can try to dominate and obey. ”

To control this position more effectively, take a piece of clothing or a nearby blanket.

“Your partner can wrap it around your waist, guide and control your movements from behind,” she adds.

A dog of integrity

Like dog style, don’t want to leave the sofa?

In this position, make full use of the height of the sofa.

“The penetrating partner was kneeling with his butt back to the back of the couch,” Fine said.

“Think of it as an armrest, and they can choose a different angle, not a limb on the ground.”

Penetrating partners can stand behind them and enter from behind. ”

Basically, you get all the benefits of standing up for sex, just no acrobatics.


In addition to the benefits of not having to move, one of the biggest benefits of couch sex is that you can access other angles that you won’t touch — like this one.

“In this position, the person being inserted can fold themselves on the arm of the sofa (up) while their partner kneels on the couch behind them,” Fine said.

“It mimics the position you can achieve with a sex pillow, but then you can work in your natural environment.”

I like oral sex but I’m lazy

This pose has helped you get it done. “The recipient’s legs were spread out on the couch, and the giver was between them,” explains sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs.

This position is good because the giver is completely supported on the floor and has two hands (and one mouth) to use.

There is no need to lift their bodies over their partners.

Recipients can relax and enjoy the show. ”

(curved) thick sofa 

“The person who answered the phone went over and sat on the back of the sofa, and the delivery man was behind them,” Stubbs explained.

“It’s great because the receiver is on the couch and should be comfortable.

Gift givers have easy access to their partner’s body and the opportunity to use the sofa as a bargaining chip. ”

This position allows her to touch the most sensitive areas.

“One side is standing on the floor, lifting one leg and putting your foot on the couch,” explains O’Reilly.

The other side sits on the sofa, sliding between the legs for a hot conversation.

Lifting one leg gives you closer access to their sexiest parts, you can wrap your hands around their hips, pull them closer, and control pressure and angles. ”

To achieve this position, your partner should kneel on the sofa cushion, facing the back of the sofa. 

“They can put their hands on the back of the couch while their loved ones kneel or stand behind them,” O’Reilly said.

“This position, coupled with the extra support of the hands on the back, allows you to adjust the position of your hips and choose your favourite angle.”

Give her professional advice?

She can bow her back, bend forward, or rub the mat for extra friction.


“One side sits straight on the edge of the sofa and the other side sits across the other and wraps his legs around the other’s waist,” O’Reilly said.

“The other half can lean back (head on the ground) or sit up straight for intimate eye contact.”

Go and enjoy your sex sofa positions.

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