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Compared to do love, kissing is a little taste that warms up feelings at any time, and people always remember the sweetness of the first kiss and the throbbing emotions that occurred. Today, I will introduce 5 kiss techniques to enhance your relationship! Let you learn it from a beginner in kissing to a master in kissing! 

kissing technique 1- Ambiguous-kiss gently

In the ambiguous period when the love between two people is growing, it can be the most tickling. The point is to bring each other closer to the distance of communication. It’s a good time to say goodbye to Li Qing Yiyi. Under the dark moonlight, it is even more distracting. After lightly pecking the other party’s cheek like a chick, she smiles slightly and says goodbye, which definitely provokes him today. It’s hard to sleep late.

kissing technique 2- Passionate Love-Hot and Damp Kiss

At this time, you have been together for a while, and how to kiss during the passionate love period is also a topic. The distraught chicks pecking lightly can easily make people confused. Help him prepare a caring breakfast on the dining table, hug each other for a lingering and hot kiss.

kissing technique 3- Flirting-not letting go of every corner

Foreplay flirting is also one of the criteria for scoring. Use the French kiss you learned from watching French movies boldly. Not only does the kiss deep and wet, but the tongue’s lingering teasing must also be matched with gentle sucking, and the eye discharge is checked from time to time. a bit. Then kiss all the way from the mouth to the back of the ears and the neck, scratching every sensitive zone, with gentle caressing to provoke full lust to welcome the next beautiful arrival!

kissing technique 4- love-kiss with temperature

The temperature of love is indispensable between couples. This kiss is not for flirting, nor for love, but for showing the appearance of love. When the other party is tired from getting off work, I can see the caring side of the beloved woman and relieve the fatigue. I hug from the back and peck the back of the neck (not as strong as a strawberry), and then give him a big and warm hug.

5- Taboo-Do does not commit these points

Learned the above four, first of all, a clean mouth is definitely the most important first step. If there is no freshener in your pocket, you can use a drink to rinse your mouth. Remember to look in the mirror to see if there is any vegetable residue in your mouth. 

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