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All say that a woman’s mind is the most difficult to guess, that in bed, women generally think about what?

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 1

Take off my clothes and your sexy underwear one by one like opening presents

When you dial up, women give a reaction. “Learn how to undress” as a compulsory course for sex the first item.

Make her feel like you treat her like a baby like when you take off your partner’s winter sweater, learn to help her pull the sweater around her neck, or at least not get her head stuck in her clothes.

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 2

Take more time to make me laugh before or during sex, play a little longer and touch more positions.

Most of the time, girls still spend more time in the foreplay. Don’t worry, especially when women are not wet, kiss and caress our bodies to make sure they’re really happy with you.

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 3

Read our body language and ask us if we are comfortable.

Pay attention to our reactions, rather than pretending to care and say, “Baby, is that good?” “Every woman is different, okay?”  

Even the same woman, in the same circumstances, the body may have different reactions, if you do not want your woman to pretend, watch carefully! Her body reacts in every move you make, and if you want to ask, be sincere: “Baby, do you like it like this?” I don’t like to say it.  

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 4

I hope men learn more different foreplay techniques.

You probably all know how much women love foreplay, but foreplay is not only as simple as mobilizing physical sensitivity, but more importantly, to foster emotions.

And emotion this thing, need different changes and stimuli. Unchanged foreplay, easy to get tired of. Learn some new tricks, so that a woman’s orgasm every time there is a new ignition point.

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 5

Tell me where you think I’m attractive and why do you think so?

Confident women also like to hear men in bed boasting about her charming, perhaps you have boasted that she said “baby you are beautiful” may wish to go further, say why you like, which will make a woman feel that you really appreciate her person. Instead of just being attracted to her chest, or ass, “Baby, your eyes are beautiful, especially when you look at me when you’re coming, and I get excited every time I think about it.” ”

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 6

I also want to hear your moan ah, let me know you also enjoy sex with me, will make me wet.


That’s right! Just as men like to hear the groans of women’s disarray, men’s unstoppable roars, even if they unwittingly make a breather or moan in the process, are usually the best sex medicine in a woman’s bed.

Touch my clitoris with my hands so I can orgasm more easily but remember to wash my hands before sex.

About 75% of women’s pleasure comes mainly from the outside clitoris. When a man is enjoying the pleasure of entering, it would be nice to think of using his hand to tease the woman’s clitoris, such as when he enters, and the other hand reaches out to the clitoris for a massage.

Even if the female ticket beans are not so sensitive, the foreplay teasing, along the clitoris touch is mostly right. Oh, wash your hands, the girl is embarrassed to say, but that doesn’t mean she won’t mind.

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 7

Offer to try something new.

I’m a little tired of missionaries or dog-backs. Wouldn’t it be good to pick me up and have sex in the kitchen? I admit that women sometimes don’t even know what their brains are thinking. A moment like you a little tougher;

But because they are used to being guided in sex, many girls are silently tired of certain ways and embarrassed to propose “cultivation of fresh ideas” with male tickets. So the best way to satisfy a woman’s ticket is to surprise her! Keep coming up with new tricks! If it’s always been a very gentle type you can try to be a little overbearing. Try more vanilla ice cream, and sometimes I want spicy c, too.

Sexual knowledge that airls want bovs to know 8

I hope he starts kissing me all over my neck and then oral sex for me.

Oral sex is also very comfortable for girls, and mobilize the sensitive area of the whole body, little by little evoke her, and then the ultimate oral sex, crisp double!

8 Make love from time to time looking at me fondly, and when you enter my body, look into the depths of my soul

Nothing makes a woman happier than when you’re making love, when you’re a missionary or when you can look her in the eye and say “I love you.”

Don’t forget, especially when she surrenders to you to give you oral sex, gazes fondly at her and gently strokes her hair or face with her hands so that she can truly feel the gratitude and love you have given her.

Summary: Women’s 10 requirements are really not much, I hope boyfriends can seriously take notes, and strive to practice! If there are a few exactly what you want your boyfriend to do and what else to wait for, take this opportunity to forward it to him.

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