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Sexy women in movies don’t watch less, but why don’t girls flirt?

Today we’re going to take care of this, point out the three most common misconceptions about girls, and teach you to play with real teasing.

Flirting body language 1

3 biggest misconceptions about flirting

Myth 1: Think flirting requires extreme sexiness

In a situation where you don’t know your body, sex, desire, to demonstrate sexiness, like getting a first-grade doll to wear high heels and draw lipstick, only makes girls feel stressed.

This is the wrongest guiding thinking, resulting in girls can not adjust according to their own circumstances, so it is like wearing the wrong size of high heels.

Myth 2: Think flirting must give stimulation and freshness

The focus should be on relationships, not stimulation, which is actually more likely to lead to boredom.

Pleasure and orgasm can give the brain 100% dopamine, but if you’re used to giving high stimulation, it’s always expected, and it’s easy to get higher.

It’s not normal brain nerve logic, it’s not the right way to live a good life.

Flirting should focus on the process of relationships, where we both go for fun, feel nervous, worry, and solve problems together.

Such an experience is yong, to become a solid relationship between you, give too much stimulation is not necessarily good for the maintenance of intimate quality.

Myth 3: Think flirting must make each other comfortable and happy

If the flirting process, is to make each other happy and comfortable as the goal, in fact, for a long time really not exciting, because women are always soft, is no sense of passion.

Girls still want to pursue their own happiness and comfort, and the focus is to make themselves feel fun in the process, which is the ultimate important thing.

If these are false concepts of flirting, how do you understand them again?

Between the next, we will first introduce the level of a flirt and finally will give you 3 ordinary girls who can also do the flirtation method.

Flirting body language 2

Four levels of flirting:

Laughing, seduction, seduction, sexual stress

Flirting is defined as the transmission of feelings that make both parties feel happy, happy, and trigger feelings through verbal, physical communication.

So how do we ordinary girls master flirting? Let me first introduce you to the four levels of flirting. 

Bring each other more happy feelings, but it contains a little sexual meaning, not just simple chat.

In fact, laughing at this level is almost every girl can master, and teasing at this level shows the feeling, not necessarily less than temptation, because it will bring a more green feeling.

In daily life, laughter is actually more often used in the hierarchy.

All you have to do is focus on: passing on the happy and comfortable state to each other, and moderately passing on the slight sexual innuendo promptly.

It’s like handing something to the other person, buckle the other person’s hand, or suddenly help each other pull their hair, pull the collar, the focus is on the “free interaction” part of the establishment, to convey sexual cues when it is easier to succeed.

Let your partner suddenly receive your message, small but still quite exciting fun.


Take the initiative and show clear body movements or language, to reach out to the other person and invite the other person to respond to you.

And temptation, is to show initiative, can be through a large number of language, the charm of the limb teasing to pass.

This level is easier to obtain through learning, through the analysis of the action on the film and television screen, the focus of the part to master, step by step to practice it. 

And the point of being able to make temptation so good is that it can properly write women’s repression of intimacy and the shame of not daring to complain.

Teasing flirting class is for this level, to break down the action one by one, and through teaching experience, to help girls to liberate depression, practice charm.


Use more suggestive words, expressions, body language, and ask the other person to respond to your suggestions.

Sexual stress.

Clear the highest level, just released its own state of existence, it is enough to form a high-pressure sexy atmosphere, film and television screen women mostly belong to this.

In fact, sleuthing and sexual stress these two levels, the former does not rely on limbs and speech, but by deep into the male psychology to achieve, understand the male psychology, you can know how to interact, can trigger men to actively respond to their own, so this relies on will be experienced.

Sexual stress depends on women to have extreme self-confidence, a complete sense of self-worth, and in terms of sex to break through the framework given to women by society, you can naturally immediately show the full space of sexual stress.

In the process, we often produce a variety of complex emotions, excitement, sadness, guilt, shame, confusion, anger, etc., to deal with and dispel these emotions, is also an extremely energy-consuming thing, and need you to be always rational online.

Flirting body language  3

How do you really flirt? 3 flirting methods for new women

To be able to raise your hand and be naturally skilled at showing clearness and teasing, this must be consistent with human nature and the personality traits of each of us, so the best advice is:

Flirting doesn’t mean imitating the sexy action of a movie at a glance.

It’s about expressing what I like and want in everyday body movements and intimate interactions.

Flirting doesn’t mean that the original freshness becomes a fixed position day after day and a repetitive foreplay

Originally fresh 100 times also taste like chewing wax, but you and your partner to go on an adventure, mining indoor and outdoor occasions of fun to play so that each time is the first time.

To show charm may not be what every girl can do, but to express “I like, I want” “to convey desire, to respond to each other” and “to dig new things with their partners” is what every girl can do.

Getting along for a long time, because of the rising trust between each other, passion will decline, this is a normal change in relationship, but this does not mean that two people will lose interest in each other’s bodies, but can learn to adjust the new relationship state.

So after reading today’s article, do you have a new understanding of flirting?

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