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How to get along with your boyfriend?

1, Please praise your boyfriend, encourage him more, because if a man is encouraged and praised a lot, confidence will be greatly improved, will secrete male hormones, stimulate the desire to protect women. So, whether he’s happy or carelessly tells you that he’s doing something successfully, praise him and ask him how he can be so successful? At that time, he will be excited to tell you how he did it. And you’ll get a deep sense of satisfaction. The more encouragement people get, the more responsible they will be to do something.

2, Please do their side of the silent support of the woman, when men encounter setbacks and bad mood, they do not necessarily say their own troubles, most men talk are not particularly much, the way to take maybe playing games, go out to play with friends, do not want to talk about these things. And this time don’t have to force him to ask him what’s going on because ask him he will feel very annoying, and his attitude at that time may not be very good to you, this time you may feel hurt, think you care about him, he treats you so much, really shouldn’t. Contradictions can get heated. The best way is for a man to silently support and encourage when he is in a bad mood, such as pouring a cup of coffee, sitting next to watch him play that game, cheering with him when he wins, or jumping with him after a basketball game goal. Usually, they will be in a much better mood, and when the mood improves, the motivation to do things will be greatly improved. It’s all good for you. At this time, you can ask him, some time ago why the mood is not very good, what happened? He will tell you if he wants to.

3, On privacy issues, most people care about their own privacy. We usually feel that loving someone requires being absolutely honest and open-hearted. So many girls will go to the man’s cell phone to see the man’s chat history. It seems that men don’t say anything, in fact, the heart will be very depressed. Because he felt he was not free and monitored, even if he did nothing, it was not good to be completely monitored by another person. Everyone, including yourself, needs their own little space, and most of us are measuring ourselves and others by double standards. Relax your own standards, but you can’t tolerate others. Let’s discuss why we should look at each other’s cell phones and emails, WhatsApp, etc. This behaviour reflects from the side, with a sense of control, in fact, is very insecure, precisely because of fear of losing, so want to take everything in their own hands. However, we need to understand that not everything in this world is under your control, and all you can do is try to trust others and make you all get along well. Assuming that the suspicion is too heavy, it will lead to a gradual awkward relationship, the other side has to do everything you will suspect. The last thing you feel is yourself, and you bring pain to others.


How to get along with your boyfriend?

4, About sexual relations, if you want to open a room, please remind boys to wear condoms, if he does not wear them, please do not have sex with him. Ads that seem to be painless now do well, but the damage is great for a woman’s body. I have seen many times under the age of 18 girls go to the hospital to have a baby, they are also for a moment of joy to leave their mark, and just because of the painless flow of people, let them mistakenly think that giving birth is no big deal, will eventually lead to infertility, and rapid ageing of the body. So please cherish yourself.

5, About trust, I would like to say, in fact, the establishment of a trust relationship is a long time, and the most basic between couples is actually the need for trust, why said privacy here said trust, is to trust each other, but also need to give each other a little private space. Although this is difficult for many people, it does not mean that it cannot be done. A lot of people talk about trust, but in fact, they’ve been skeptical. To truly trust others from the heart, you first need to be confident. You are a good confident person, then why don’t you trust others? If you are confident, if he leaves you it is his loss, and if you do what I describe, you will be the ideal partner for many men.

I hope it will help you. I wish you happiness.

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