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Before reading the article, Becky wants to ask you two questions:

1. Do you know anything about anal sex?

2. If you understand, have you ever experienced or wanted to try this sexual pleasure?

With two questions, today we’re going to unlock this magical area of the anus.

Of course, most of the time, people don’t want to talk about the anus, it’s always entangled with and fart, excrement and urine.

Also, most people always adhere to the wrong understanding, such as: for women, anal sex is accompanied by pain;

The anus is a common sexual organ, and anal sex is one of how everyone can unlock experative pleasure.

When you have a basic understanding of the anus, your anal sex course has just begun.

Next, Becky brings anal guidance to women to get a better understanding of their bodies.

Although you think you are an anal sex veteran, before you do a good job of lubrication of the anus., so the important thing to say three times: lubrication liquid! Lubrication liquid! Lubrication liquid! 

Maybe you’re not sure exactly how much lubrication fluid is needed, and here Becky shares a simple trick, which is to always add lubrication fluid, the more the better, and so on lubrication fluid to the time you don’t need to tangle with this problem, the amount of instructions is just good.

Water-based lubrication fluids for anal sex are recommended.

Many people have a misconception about anal sex, think that we must put huge, penis-like things into the buttocks, block the anus, is considered “real” anal sex, with a scientific point of view, is complete nonsense.

There are countless ways to experience the pleasure of anal sex, so you don’t have to stuff a toy into your anus.

Because the opening is full of nerves, you can use your fingers, the vibration frequency is a very low plug, toys and other stimulation of this sensitive part, do not have to the plugin.

If you want to try insertion further, be sure to take it slow, do the lubrication work, and adjust the speed according to your condition.

If you feel pain, stop, adjust the rhythm of breathing, relax the muscles in your anus, and then try again.

After the explanations in the first two parts, we’re finally going to start talking about the topic of “touching the anus with our tongues“.

If you are interested in licking your anus, make sure that the person being licked has taken a bath. Experts recommend that within 90 minutes of licking the anus, the person being licked needs to pull the clean and deep clean the area around the anus.

Just like licking the inside of your thighs before licking your anus, you can use your tongue to spin around your hips, activate the nerves in your hips, increase your hip sensitivity, and then turn your tongue around chrysanthemums clockwise or counterclockwise, and even stick your tongue into your anus if your partner feels good.

Let’s try it.

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