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Anal sex is the most misunderstood of all human sexual behaviour. Even though one in four women in heterosexuality has tried anal sex, a higher proportion among gay men, anal sex has so far been a taboo – because of its many myths and misconceptions that make many people reluctant to try anal sex.


In fact, with the right skills, anal sex will be fun and enjoyable, thanks to the fact that the anus has a lot of nerves and is one of the most sensitive sexy bands in humans. Caressing, massage or other ways to stimulate the anus can all bring great pleasure. According to the survey, many men and women, whether gay or not, can achieve orgasm by stimulation alone. Today, we’re about to break the five myths surrounding the “anal taboo” and you’ll find the right way to have fun with anal sex.

Myth one: The anus is dirty

Since our childhood, we have been taught that the anus is a dirty part of the body that cannot be touched. “Wash your hands after you”, which has been indoctrinated over and over again since kindergarten. Of course, other sexual organs besides the body outside the anus, such as men’s penises and women’s vaginas, are also known as “dirty” – but today we don’t seem to think so much about it when we enjoy our beds.

According to most people’s daily cleaning habits today, the anus is as clean as any other body area, just like the toilet in your toilet and certainly cleaner than the sink in the kitchen. The anus does address a variety of bacteria, but there is definitely no less than in the mouth, so good cleaning habits are essential for any form of sexual activity.

Myth 2: Anal sex hurts a lot

Anal sex doesn’t hurt at all. If you feel pain in anal sex, it just means you’re in the wrong way. Anal sex is an art, learning, to enjoy anal sex, before practice, you must understand its skills. How to reach the people of anal pleasure? This requires relaxation, lubrication and knowledge.

The anus is a passage about 1.5 inches long (3.8 cm) that wraps around two fast ring muscles. These two muscle rings, the first one is the outer sides, which you can control freely, the other is the inner sphincter, it feels the external force will automatically tense. Therefore, during anal sex, if you can adjust the mood and relax the control of the external spins, it will make the process easier and more enjoyable. Of course, the anus does not produce natural lubrication fluids, so the use of water-based lubricants can greatly enhance sexual pleasure.


Myth 3: Anal sex is harmful to the body

Many people are afraid that anal sex will lead to hemorrhoids, anal rupture and tissue bruising, and even some people worry that anal sex will cause incontinence, and live on adult diapers for the rest of their lives. In fact, as long as your partner doesn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases, or if the sex toy of your choice is clean and proper, pleasant anal sex doesn’t cause any damage to the body at all.

Of course, use condoms when you don’t know your sexual partner’s health. It is best to avoid condoms that are coated with spermicides, as this may irritate sensitive and rectal tissue.

Myth 4: Only homosexuals have anal sex

Although it has long been said that anal sex is “gay” and homosexual behaviour, on the other hand, people often secretly try anal sex, enjoy the pleasure of anal sex. Do heterosexuals like anal sex? Of course! Not only those girls, even many boys like that kind of “enrichment”, but they are also just ashamed to speak out. Anal sex is only a way to satisfy sexual pleasure, not a means of identifying an individual’s sexual orientation.

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