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College love advice 1. Love is not just about hugging, kissing, making love, and pursuing higher to work together for a common goal.

College love advice 2, Unilateral output, will only let a person in advance tired, common output, to be more durable, enjoy happiness. I see some boys, completely by some girls as cash machines, all the pay has become a matter of course. Think differently, girls should also occasionally send boys something. After all, love is mutual, and a person’s battle never lasts long.

College love advice 3, Do not try to change each other, but in the daily run-in, subtly affect each other. A person’s change is through a lot of processes, in love, first improve themselves, and then appropriate for the other side to make changes, slowly become the other party’s hope. If two people each become a better self, then this is probably the best look in love.

College love advice 4, The more intersection, the easier fact, according to research, people who fall in love with each other generally don’t travel more than five streets on average. That is, the closer he is to you, the more intersections he has, and the more times he appears around you, the more likely he is to become a lover. So go to clubs, libraries, classrooms and so on, and find someone who’s about the same frequency as you.

College love advice 5, Relaxation degree, not heard useful, really useful. In a relationship, you force the tighter, but easy to scare each other, really like each other, you have to first reveal one of their own advantages, and then maintain a distance, and then show an advantage, maintain a distance, slowly pull this line, let him slowly move. This is a bit like fishing, then small fish, you pull directly is not pulled, you have to first, to no strength, this time you can close the line.

College love advice 6, Praise words, never too much. Take the initiative. Chat to take the initiative, about others to take the initiative, an opportunity is always, master in the brave initiative.

College love advice 7. If you want to be her special person, you have to make her curious about you and want to dig you up. That’s not to say that you have a high sense of existence. But when she sees you, you happen to be showing your flash, yours is different.

College love advice 8, To ensure that 80% of the time spent on their own. Whether it is reading, making friends, or travelling, you will find that love is not gone, but closer and closer.

College love advice 9, Physical contact, to upgrade the relationship to do the paving. Proper physical contact, provided you feel good about it. Unnoticed shoulder touch.

College love advice 10, Ritual and small surprise, is a tonic in love. Gifts carefully prepared for the holidays, birthdays filled with the romantic environment, sometimes more effective than sweet talk.

College love advice 11. Love that makes you feel pain and abuse, let go early. Insist on unstable, estranged love, will only let you hurt the deeper, since it is not appropriate, decisive score, perhaps the next better.

College love advice 12, The indispensable link in love “girls check their mobile phones

So a small trick: before checking the phone, first gently ask, this will let the boys relax, better than no signs, suddenly.

College love advice 13. The misunderstanding in love is often vague “You don’t worry about me at all!” “You don’t understand my feelings at all!” You say, your needs, what do you want me to do. These words are too vague, you may as well add in the back, I need you. Many times, because there is no clear, but more and more accumulated, until the last big outbreak, quarrels also followed.

College love advice 14. Love will produce a substance called ethylamine, this substance can make your mind throbbing, let your hand’s sweat tremble, upset. To make your lover feel subconscious that you are in love, increase your eye contact time significantly as you chat.

College love advice 15, “We” is a good word When you say the word “we” in the process of getting along, you are often more likely than a single you and I to create a feeling of intimacy, in the chat can even skip one or two levels, in his heart to plant the seeds of intimacy.

Don’t say much, let’s practice it!

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