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The bed is an important place for couples, young men and women, in the face of their favourite people, it is always inevitable to produce a desire.

Want to pester him, rely on him, in bed tired of him, together into each other’s soul depths, to explore the most primitive secrets.

We often say that feelings are good or bad, look at the performance in bed to know.

But I really did not expect, now the young people, in bed is too good to play!

Becky interviewed several young men and women who shared their secret bed hobbies.

Special Tip: Minors are not allowed in, adults should be accompanied by the other half to watch –

Sharing of sex skills1

Like licking girlfriend’s little feet, white tender small, like a pair of crafts.

Unfortunately, girlfriends always say itchy, generally do not let me lick.

She also said her feet stink, how is that possible? Ming Ming is very fragrant. 

Sharing of sex skills2

Like the foreplay gentle long, like old wine, aftertaste long, slowly stir up my interest.

Then it was like a storm, rough and direct, and I call him Dad.

Sharing of sex skills3

Like boyfriend rude swearing, very dirty very erotic kind.

I feel that the ordinary gentle people suddenly show the animal instinct side, only the two of us know. It’s going to be exciting.

Sharing of sex skills4

I am a woman, likes to wear furry little ears and a small tail, like a lovely frightened little white rabbit, in front of her boyfriend to shake over. Play with him the game of the wolf catching the little white rabbit.

When he is provoked into interest, he turns into a passive, turns up and controls the situation, so that I have a sense of accomplishment.

Sharing of sex skills5

Like to be bitten by girlfriend throat knot, kiss, lick, in the neck, waist, thigh root or something, more exciting.

Sharing of sex skills6

The biggest hobby is to let the boyfriend lie naked in bed, posing in a big word.

Then fill him with money, carefully count the money, not allow him to move, if he moved were, use the money to dump him where, and lick him.

Sharing of sex skills7

Spanking although a little painful, but good excitement is what’s going on? I may be a little masochistic.

Sharing of sex skills8

I can think of the most romantic scene, is the window gray, pattering down the drizzle, the air filled with the smell of aromatherapy,

I was lying in bed with him, talking about the sky, fingers on each other’s bodies. Occasionally looking at each other, there is a current flowing through the whole body. Then have sex.

In fact, a good couple, not only moral values are the same, but in bed can also be very fit.

Sex is also an important part of a couple’s life, requiring two people to explore slowly, respect each other, learn to communicate, and then gradually adapt to each other’s bed hobbies and habits, which is also an important part of the impact on a happy life.

Whether boys or girls, in a relationship, have the right to put forward their own needs, to be able to meet that all aspects of the fit partner, of course, is a very lucky thing.

If the other person’s habits make you unable to accept, please respect each other, do not hurt each other

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