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1. sex performance men in bed identify  man’s character.

Recently read Chilean writer Isabel. Allred’s Memoirs of the Senses, a book of food and lust. In her opinion, the man who cooks is sexy.

Because the way a man cook is a way he has sex.

A man who can gracefully unlock a bottle plug will also elegantly unzip a woman’s underwear. Men who wash, season and cook shrimp carefully are also patient and dexterous in their lust. Remember that a frog frying for a few minutes will be just the right man, more reason to remember that a woman’s hi dot a few times will be exuberance. Can describe the juice, colour, freshness, fragrance, the taste of the man, but also worthy of our women believe that in the future they will be the same tone and affection, describe our charm! ”

 The way a man has sex is the way he is a man. The importance of character need not be repeated. A person’s character determines whether he is a good friend, a good partner, a good lover, a good parent, a good child, a good citizen.

In the private naked bed, must be to observe the best angles and fields of men’s character. A man who is elegant in bed must also be a man who is polite for weeks. A man who takes advantage of a person’s danger and uses deception, violence, etc. to obtain sex will not be a man of integrity in life and the mall.

To see how men do love is to see how men do people.identify a man’s character in bed

2.Identify a man’s character in bed.

A man who will seriously give a woman foreplay must also be a patient person in life.Patiently wait for the return of investment, and time to be friends, patiently wait for a bottle of the wine fermented to the best flavour, patiently wait for a love melon ripe drop.

Being silent with him doesn’t make people bored or flustered. Talk to him, never worry about not saying anything, emotions can not express fully.


A man who pays attention to a woman’s orgasm and body pleasure, and who gets more pleasure from a woman’s reaction, must be a generous, Sven man.

It’s comfortable to get along with such a man. He will have a greater sense of common sense and commonality. With him watching movies, he’ll pay attention to whether the movie is what you want to see, whether the seat is what you want to sit in. When he eats with him, he’ll care if you’re full or not.

 A man who can strictly contraception must be a strict and responsible person.

He can sacrifice a little pleasure in bed to avoid the risk of sex. Whether he is out of fear of getting sick to protect himself, or from the point of view of fear of girls pregnant reluctant to wronged women, adhere to contraception.

We can all believe that such a man, under the bed when the person will never let their lives easily out of control. And such a man’s business partner is also good, to be a life partner is also good, may not be rich and expensive, but the day will not be worse.

After the exchange with women to sum up the experience of the man, must be good at learning to pursue progress.

Learning is a lifetime thing, and so is sex.

The learning man in bed also knows that the foreplay does not start in bed, but from the last time he did love. He will analyze the mistakes made in the last exam and avoid making them again.

Men who seek progress in bed also listen carefully to their partner’s feedback, actively explore room for improvement, and evoke a woman’s vision of the next time they have sex with him.

3. A man who can’t have sex is not likely to be a good man

Moreover, despite a man’s good performance in bed, he cannot be absolutely equal to his good character. But men who don’t behave well in bed are the absolutely bad character. A man who can’t have sex can’t be good.


For example, the bed only cares about their own happy men, nine out of ten are very self-righteous men. And don’t expect him to be considerate of you in life. For example, a man in bed who asks a woman to give him oral sex but refuses to give it to a woman is 100 percent selfish.

Imagine putting a woman in a lower position than himself if he could only see his desires and needs in bed. How can he really respect women in life? 

Women definitely refuse men who don’t want to make love and pester them. They must be men without a sense of propriety. They may not have the spirit of contract in love or marriage, and they can’t get rid of it like plaster after breaking up.

Men who force women to have sex in bed are also more likely to be domestic violent men

Put your time and energy into the men who perform well in bed, who are both good and nice, enjoy sex, enjoy love, enjoy men.

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