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How to know if a boy likes you, a judge in stages.

Stage one: ambiguous period, boys did not make a clear statement

If you are at this stage, don’t waste your mind to pay attention to the boys’ every move, to guess what the other person’s feelings are about themselves, and so fall into a passive.

The right thing to do is to take reasonable steps to “induce” boys to come forward. Here’s a look: How to get a boy to like you?

Stage 2: Boys clearly express good feelings or confessions

After the boy clearly expresses his good feelings to himself or voluntarily expresses his feelings, a girl also needs to judge – whether the boy really likes you, wants to have a sincere relationship with you, or just wants to bubble you or sleep your player behaviour.

In fact, it’s hard to have any criteria to be 100% sure that someone likes you. I can’t tell girls in general terms what kind of behaviour means that boys really like you. But if, after confessing to you, men have the following behaviours, please add them to the “to be watched” list.

How to know if a boy likes you?

1. Your concern for you is limited to greetings

Basically, boys dress themselves up and use the “give breakfast” trick to get the vast majority of girls. So girls must not because of the boy’s little concern and small favours on the hot-headed, decided that he is the love of this life.

Filter out his bags, send your cell phone, please eat, please watch a movie this behaviour, think carefully, you have no communication about the future, he will not care about your plans after graduation, your work and dreams, your future in which city.

If not, add him to the watch list. 

2. The emphasis on romance weighs the intention of getting along with each other in peacetime

If the boys are after you or confess to you, spend a lot of thought, design a lot of romance and surprise. But in peacetime, he is absent-minded, or after confession, your life has not changed in substance, or do their own things, or even rarely meet.

In this case, please also add him to the waiting list.

3. Can’t share your feelings with you who are in a negative mood

If the boy only accepts the joy, beautiful appears in his side of you, only because of the happy you and feel happy about this relationship. But once your life is in trouble or challenge, boys don’t have any anxious, concerned common feelings, and don’t try to give advice or solutions.

This situation can basically be judged that he doesn’t really like you.

4. Anxious to sleep with you, you will be visibly cold after rejection

Boys who have this performance do not have to join the “to-watch list” and can go directly to fire.

Young boys with strong hormones are rarely in a hurry to get your body. But really like your boy, will never because you refused once or twice, on your obvious cold.

5. Have a chance to sleep with you but not ≠ he really likes you

As a girl, I have been unable to understand the two main logic of girls is:

He is also willing to sleep with me, indicating that he still loves me.

He doesn’t sleep with me, which means that he really loves me.

In fact, boys love not to love you and sleep you really have nothing to do. Don’t sleep You have a very real possibility is that the post-processing is too much trouble.

Think about what the intersection of your relationship with his society is, and whether if he sleeps with you, you have a conflict, or if the relationship breaks down, it will hurt his interests. If the answer is yes, then one of the reasons he won’t sleep on you may be simply because of the trouble, the price/performance ratio is too low.

Girls, if you use the above five as the elimination criteria, you can basically filter out the low rank “two times” and find the good boys who really treat themselves.

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