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Hearing itself is a powerful receiver of sexual stimulation, and saying dirty things to each other during sex gives people a sense of contrast and excitement about breaking taboos and doing bad things. What dirty things to say can help? When should I say it again?

Herring Kechadurian, the author of The View of Sexology, once said: “Mockingism and even lewd humour and ‘dirty words’ stimulate some people’s libido. ”

“Dirty things to say” in sex, including astringent descriptions, yellow jokes, sexual orders, verbal abuse, and so on, has many enthusiasts before or during sex as a means of increasing pleasure.


Choose the right timing

Sudden swear words at the wrong time, not only can not add points but may ruin sex.

Timing varies from person to person and from situation to situation. For me, it is only with great commitment and enjoyment that it is possible to express my desires and needs in a language that is straight to the point where they can be classified as swear words. For example, want each other how, how their bodies react, the other side can not observe the depths of the body feelings and so on.

This detail describes a process that is both an expression of one’s own desires and an exchange with the other person, a process that is more important than allowing me to face my desires rather than suppress them or feel ashamed, a level that makes me feel empowered to be more powerful, and a sense of strength that I feel is a source of sexiness and self-confidence.

When the other person does make me happy, I also say some regular dirty words.



Sweet talk can trick girls into melting your defences, but DIRTY TALK can brutally lead you both, and why?

The brain is the best.

First of all, we need to know that the most powerful sexual organs of the human body are not the reproductive organs, but ours


The brain is the source of our sexual impulses and the presence that dominates all desires and pleasures.

Sometimes when you hear something harmful, your brain has an area called Insula that is activated, which is the valve that controls your perception and mood, processes the information you hear and reacts accordingly, creating excitement and making you blush.


Dirty words, how do you say that?

First of all, whether “dirty words” really help, whether it really makes her like, is to be tried and fully communicated.

I chatted about it with my friends who liked it and found that people thought dirty words were different, and the degree of “dirty” was very different:

The vocabulary ranges from “big” that I don’t think is a bit of a dirty word, to “calling dad,” “dirty bitch,” “cute little bitch,” “begging me for mercy” and other expressions of repressive and insulting terms; Some like to listen to each other say it; some like to flirt in the foreplay, some like to promote before orgasm; some like to swear directly, such as greeting each other’s parents; and some like to express them directly, such as “shoot me in the face” or “I’ll shoot you in the face”.

One trick is to mobilize more senses and make more sensory descriptions, which can enhance the power and astringent emotions of dirty words. For example, you may often say to each other, “you look good”, in bed as well as “your taste is really attractive”, “your voice makes me excited” and so on, around the vision, touch, smell, hearing of the multi-faceted attack, it is easier for both sides to break the taboo of stimulation. 

In contrast, many women’s favourite dirty words may be more detailed, such as descriptions of each other’s bodies, feelings, and desires. That kind of sex during the sudden swearing behaviour does not reflect the courage of men (women in the same way), on the contrary, it is likely to be considered inexplicable.

Getting to know and communicate with each other is essential if foul language is to be a plus in sex. If you want the other person to say something, tell her, and if the other person says something that makes you uncomfortable, tell her more.

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