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Two days ago and a friend who hadn’t seen each other for years, talked about the people they liked five years ago, and then we magically resonated: “Isn’t that really blind?” ”

This seems to be a common phenomenon. We often seem to suddenly have a great interest in a person, as if we have met their own destiny. As a result, we got along for a while and found it completely different from what I thought.

Perhaps the reason is that the feeling you have of him is not true love, but more like a short-lived crush. This crush can start easily and disappear quickly, with a high level of confusion.

When we’re just starting a relationship, or are in a relationship, we’re often confused and excited about whether it’s worth sticking to. So how to distinguish difference between love and crush becomes an important question.

Now, let’s distinguish between crush and love from three perspectives, and hope that everyone can get a close relationship that makes them happy. 

Difference between love and crush 1

Crush is passion and desire, love is security and dependence.

A person on a crush feels quick and intense, and you feel like you can spark a splash with him. This usually happens at the beginning of a relationship. Falling in love with someone is more long-lasting and peaceful, a process that allows us to slowly reach out to our true hearts.

So, is crush and love divided into different stages of feelings? Psychological research seems to prove this, having measured the brain regions of people less than eight months of love and more than eight months of being activated when they saw their loved ones.

Areas of the brain associated with “desire” and “intense love” are activated when those who have been in love for a shorter period of time see their loved ones.

In addition to these areas, areas associated with attachment are activated when people who have been in love for a long time see each other.

In addition to the corresponding areas of the brain, the hormones secreted in our bodies also tell us the difference between crush and love.

Dopamine, epinephrine and phenylethylamine (PEA) are our main sources of crush, which excites and delights us. But our tolerance to phenylethylamine increases, and in 2 to 3 years this crush will slowly disappear. At this point, a hormone called endorphins gives us “safety and attachment” that sustains the relationship between partners for a longer period of time.

So in general, a crush often occurs at the beginning of a relationship, and as time goes on, the passion disappears, which may mean the end of a crush or the beginning of a deeper and longer-lasting love.

Difference between love and crush 2

Crush is fear and uneasiness, but love is trust and security.

The last person in the crush, it felt like an addiction to him. Everything about him gives us a strong sense of pleasure, so we will continue to yearn for it, and we will continue to ask for it.

Psychologically, we can define this state as an obsession. You find that he’s the only thing you care about, and at any time you think about what’s relevant to him. You are so eager to be with him that you’d better be with him forever. When you want to stop and think about something else, you find that you can’t do it at all.

If you have this experience, you’re probably stuck in a crush. This state can bring people extreme happiness, but also bring people extreme anxiety. In fact, a person on a crush seems to be on a roller coaster, the mood is always ups and downs.

Love is a deeper relationship than the torment of Rush. Psychologist Kerenberg believes that two people in deep relationships feel full of intimacy and companionship when they get along, and that life together is comfortable and natural.

Even in the face of the “third party” this easy to cause anxiety and fear of the problem, people in love also appear calmer. Unlike rush’s oversensitiveness, when both people can reasonably control their attitude towards third parties in their consciousness, they can also better control the boundaries of the real-life social circle.

Difference between love and crush 3

Crush is a person’s lookup, and love is two people’s getting along.

The feeling of a person on a crush is a bit like chasing a star. We pour our love and attention into him, projecting all our fantasies and visions about love into his story, and this projection and imagination bring our own rich satisfaction.

To perpetuate this crush satisfaction, many people choose a secret love to maintain a relationship. When we fall in love, we feel that each other is the best person in the world as if it were a work of art, we just need quiet appreciation will get unlimited fun.

However, it is often proved that this extremely perfect image comes from our own imagination, not from the other person’s true appearance.

Intimacy and responsibility are essential to true love. They are built on the gradual stabilizing of two people’s relationships, interactions and shared commitments. When we’re a star-chasing person, the relationship is often one-sided, rarely responded to and interacted with, and perhaps destined to be difficult to succeed.

Of course, a crush isn’t a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

On the contrary, it is beautiful and fascinating, and often the beginning of good love.

Unless we immerse ourselves in the passions of Crush, build intimacy without equal and long-term communication, and work on relationships without commitment, it may be difficult to call it love, and we may not feel deeper support and connection after passion.

True love is never a one-off, and it’s never easy to get it.

But then again, because it’s not simple, love is a worthwhile thing!

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