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Continue to update 8 sex games today.

Sex games1.When kissing, try biting him.

Maybe you’re used to gentle love, but it’s nice to have a little wild release occasionally.

For example, suddenly wild bite each other, whether it’s the lips or other parts of your body.

For some people, a gentle bite when you reach an orgasm will make your orgasm feel better. 

Sex games2. With the help of the power of the chair.

If you want to add some leverage to your sex life, making sex in a chair can update your daily posture experience.

The way to play is to have him sit in a chair, and then the woman sits on it, facing him, with the support of the chair and feet on the floor to start playing, and the person sitting on it can try to control the rhythm. Try a few times and you’ll find that the chair is fun and not tired.

Sex games3. Use small toys.

Sex therapist Camille Lewis says that whether you’re a toy veteran or a new, using toys properly during sex increases the pleasure of orgasm.

Toy nods, you can try to use in the clitoris, soft-shaped egg jumping toys, increase the pleasure of traditional sex life love, of course, you can also try some men and women shared toys, upgrade each other’s experience, but also a special sense of team!

If you’re a super player, then whips, handcuffs, are fun tools. Try cuffing one side and then gently or forcibly vibrating these sensitive areas with a toy to test how long your partner can hold on to this offensive.

Remember to bring your stopwatch to start the timer!

Sex games4. Replace your hands with other parts of your body

It’s an evil game!

For example, you are used to sex organs, then tonight can only use mouth, hands;

For example, if you’re used to using your mouth and hands, try your nose and toes tonight.

While keeping an eye on cleaning, trying innovative ways can open the door to a new world for yourself and your partner.

You’ll come back and thank me!

Sex games5. Focus on your chest.

Try to choose one night, the target is only each other’s chests, nothing else.

You will find that the original chest has such a huge amount of energy and pleasure that it stimulates pleasure as a tide can generally drown you each other.

Now Playing: Don’t just focus on the nipples except for kissing, try the nipples.

Key: Lighter, slower, light to heavy, more appropriate.

You can also try rubbing between each other while they are still wearing clothes to increase their excitement, while also trying to alternate nipples, blowing and biting with your partner.

You’ll get a shy boy that night.

Sex games6. Slight SM play

Getting started SM doesn’t mean your behaviour has to be particularly extreme, I suggest you try it with your hands and household items, without having to buy a full set of whips and handcuffs.

For example, with a tie and scarf, her hand can be banned.

Remember: Start with your thighs or arms, then move on to more sensitive areas, such as your face or buttocks, starting with a tap and then gradually increasing your strength when you and your partner are ready.

Sex games7. Slow, but also fast

Slowing down is a simple, indulgent way of playing to help you get out of the anxiety of “I’m in a hurry,” “I’m going to orgasm right away,” “she’s going to orgasm right now.”

If you focus on every moment, touching and kissing him, you will find that your sexual quality has improved and your body and mind are closer together.

Sex games8. Try to suppress this feeling

If you want to increase your excitement and anticipation in foreplay, sex, try stopping, continuing, or spreading that thrill when you’re about to reach or near the edge of an orgasm, and in short, don’t rush to that point.

It will extend your pleasure to a wider range, with a deeper, more aftertaste of pleasure.

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