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Becky has always felt that love are two people’s business, need two people to work together to operate, without the efforts of neither side can.

Some truths, 5 things quys wish girls knew:

things quys wish girls knew 1

Boys are human, too.

Will also feel tired and vulnerable

In today’s society, boys and girls are facing great competition and pressure, especially boys, society has given them higher requirements.

Many boys will face a contradiction: if you don’t work hard, you can’t give yourself the life you want, but when you work hard, you can’t take good care of yourself.

Boys also feel a lot of pressure, work is very annoying, life makes people a little broken. It’s just that most of the boys won’t show up in front of you and he wants to be dependent on your role.

So, understand them a little more, a little more heartache them, when they accidentally show their vulnerability, give him a warm hug, or say a few warm words, quietly accompany him!

things quys wish girls knew 2

Boys have to face it, too.

Take the initiative for a long time will also be tired

In intimate relationships, quarrels can’t be more common. After the quarrel, who apologizes?

Some girls will think, must be boys ah! No matter what the reason, boys should apologize first, after all, I am a proud princess ah! You’re going to cajole me!

But don’t forget, boys don’t want to face? They love faces too!

After the quarrel, patiently to persuade you, to coax you, sometimes it is not that they really feel that they are wrong, just do not want to lose you.

But the initiative for a long time, boys will also be unbalanced ah!

So ah, girls also have to learn to apologize, especially when it is obviously your own problem, don’t mess around, the other side to give a step, jump down.

In the end, won the face, lost the feeling.

things quys wish girls knew 3

Boys also need private space.

The men and women of the love period are eager to stick together all the time, but after the love period, we need to return to the normal life, regardless of men and women must have their own independent circle of communication.

Boys also need their own independent space, so girls must not stick to boys all the time.

He WeChat doesn’t have seconds back you think: Why don’t you reply to my message?

He wants to play games with friends and you pull him to watch TV shows,

He said he wanted to sit still for a while, and you were angry: Do you bother me?

Give him some private space and let your feelings breathe more freely. 

things quys wish girls knew 4

Say it if you have a problem.

Don’t let him guess all the time

Many girls like to let boys guess her mind, they want to find the person, and she has a sharp heart. Needless to say, they know what she’s thinking, and they think it’s the only way to prove that boys know her and love her.

Therefore, want what gifts do not say, boys, buy unsatisfactory she is angry;

The boy did something wrong and said the wrong thing, waiting for him to reflect on himself;

But no one really knows 100 percent what you’re thinking.

And wouldn’t you be afraid if he could clearly see every thought you had and see through all your secrets?

So, don’t let him guess all the time, if there’s a problem, say it well, it will reduce the contradiction by half.

things quys wish girls knew 5

Can do,

But don’t make a fuss

It’s no big deal for girls to play tricks on sex, it’s also a regulating agent for a couple’s relationship, but it’s too much to do.

Feel that they are high, ask too much, too many ideas, let the boys do this, and finally not satisfied, more difficult than the company leadership, but also motionless angry, the life code is: I do not care, anyway, you have to listen to me!

Such behaviour really will make boys very annoying.

Boys love to be happy, few people are trying to find a leader to torture them.

Love is expressed in different ways, and he may not love you the way you want it to

Each couple has their own way of getting along, love also has a different way of expression, some people romantic, like a person hates the world know, send flowers, buy bags, the street hugging.

There are also people ashamed to express, not so much thought, do not like to say sweet words but will be down-to-earth to you, pay card to you, you want everything to meet you, carefully take care of you, he did not say I love you, but his love is hidden in every little thing.

A person does not love you, you should know best.

But don’t just live in their own ideas and other people’s eyes, perhaps he did not love you the way you want, but his love is also precious the same meaning!

Emotional management needs two people to work together, relying on a person’s hard support is not love, but persistence.

There are really big differences between men and women, so when you’re in love, contradictions and problems often come up.

But Becky believes that as long as we have the determination to be together and the wisdom to get along, it will be enough to overcome these contradictions and keep going happily.

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