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How to keep marriage strong?

In an age when divorce is becoming more common, we are increasingly wondering what love is and how we want to maintain our marriage. We also seem to live with …

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What is the reason of lack of love?

Because of the lack of love, you may experience these traumas. Lack of love 1.Lack of self-confidence and trust A child who doesn’t feel loved, who doesn’t know she’s cute or …

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What is avoidant personality?

What is avoidance attachment? Adult attachment is initially divided into three broad categories: secure attachment, which accounts for about 60 percent of the population, and anxiety, which is 20 percent, …

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Difference between love and crush

Two days ago and a friend who hadn’t seen each other for years, talked about the people they liked five years ago, and then we magically resonated: “Isn’t that really …

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How to know if a boy likes you?

How to know if a boy likes you, a judge in stages. Stage one: ambiguous period, boys did not make a clear statement If you are at this stage, don’t waste …

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Dirty things to say

Hearing itself is a powerful receiver of sexual stimulation, and saying dirty things to each other during sex gives people a sense of contrast and excitement about breaking taboos and doing bad things. What dirty words can help? When should I say it again?