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What kind of girl do guys like most? I interviewed most of the boys around me, probably with the following characteristics.

1. be constant in love;

Not a lifetime only love a person but love a person when one mind, when many people chase her, she can be firm, because she will only have you in the heart of a person.

2. never grow big

Her natural, innocent, innocent nature in front of you affects everyone around her,

She loves life, is free, and is a little careless.

3.not material

She never gives up the pursuit of the spirit because of material satisfaction, nor does she give up material because of her dream.

She can strike a balance between the two.

4.unique, be yourself

She is unique, has a unique, unique combination of qualities.

Her existence is changing and elusive.


The most common and crucial point is that good woman are the most beautiful.

Reasonable, gentle and virtuous, good and good, is a woman’s firmness and resilience of the best embodiment.

6. elegant

The elegance of a woman is one-hearted, and the elegance of a woman is in daily life.

Elegance is a kind of cultivation;

For oneself, elegance is the self-se footing of the soul;

7. love yourself

Love their own all, accept all their own defects, a person’s talk and manners will exude a calm.

8. confident woman

A confident woman gives a feeling that nothing can defeat her, encounter difficulties not discouraged, and strive to change the status quo, firmly believe that they can! She shines like the sun in someone else’s heart!

9. a woman who knows life

A woman who knows life doesn’t shout boredom all day long, she arranges for herself to do something meaningful.

10. good looking appearance

First of all, there is a clean look, after all, no one likes dirty girls.

There is a certain fashion concept, will moderate control of their own clothing appropriate. After all, three days is doomed, seven points depend on dressing up.

11. noble temperament

The first is to love themselves, love their own body, really understand the life of the woman, this is the wisdom of life.

Highly intelligent women are hard to replace by the same sex, and marriage is strong. Good looking appearance two years tired of crooked, high wisdom that is the source of a lifetime of happiness.

12. sincere quality

Know politeness, know the progress and retreat, have emotional security. Independent, you can solve things on your own and you’ll do it yourself. Think of yourself as a person.

What kind of girl do guys like most?

13, interesting soul

Have a skill you like and are good at, like reading.

Girl, charm doesn’t need you to dress up well, you don’t need to be beautiful; Comes from your temperament. 

14. a wise woman

A woman full of high wisdom often attracts the envy of all. In public, those who have read the book, loaded into the brain knowledge, will let her inner cultivation reflect the clear, for people to fall off generous, will not say in front of men that others are not, deliberately provoke right and wrong, but appear tolerant.

15. A kind woman

The decision to be attractive is not to see how thick her makeup is, but to see if her heart is purely kind.

16. the woman with high emotional security

Men feel silly lovely women are more approachable, will tentative social contacts, but most of the feelings due to women’s unsophismed and end, indeed, living in unrealistic life when the feelings encounter difficulties, people tired more tired, had to say goodbye.

17. a woman who can dress up

A man who sees a woman, at first sight, will see what kind of woman she is, if your clothes are more dignified and generous, in line with the style of a lady, will be considered more attractive, and if the thick makeup appears in front of men, he will think in his heart that you are frivolous, not stable enough, naturally will not like you.

Feelings are like this, he is willing to pay, you are worth paying, the balance of the relationship under the feelings can go further and further.

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