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Today is going to bring you, with your hands to catch a man’s three skill of sex!

Written at the front: a woman who can’t play with a man’s body,

There are three qualities:

1, afraid of men are not comfortable enough

2, feel that the ultimate goal needs to satisfy men

3, feel ejaculation is the ultimate goal

It’s all wrong, it should be like this:

1, let him not comfortable enough he will be really comfortable

2, you play a man’s body is ultimate to meet you

3, ejaculation is not so comfortable, the process twists and turns to unforgettable

Here are three easy-to-master, subtle techniques to teach

Skill of sex1. range technique

If you catch a rooster as soon as you start, please raise your hand, it’s a false demonstration, don’t do that next time.

It’s as unpleasant, unsymonstressive and unsymonstressive as a man touching a key part. 

Men’s bodies are sensitive, many girls will reach out to hit some men who have complained to me about uncomfortable, but men are embarrassed to say to girls: gentle to me so silently endure, the next time to touch will not let.

Men’s poor expression led to girls think that boys only is sensitive, and think that to be fast, has been unable to stop to be comfortable, this is really a big mistake.

It’s like raising a sheep, you can’t just let it eat grass, you need to make it have a happy space to run around, it can produce delicious sheep’s milk.

Let his physical basic quality all-round rise, so that he can get the supremacy, the scope of the whole body to expand the peak experience, so how can only, must be full body.

The principle of the whole body is basically: from top to bottom, from the outside to the inside, from the less sensitive parts to the more sensitive parts.


The focus of the technique is on gentleness.

When the less sensitive parts of his body are sensitive, then touch the key parts, the feeling will double the sensitivity, this is the first range of Oyi.

Skill of sex2.Rhythm skills

It’s cruel for you to start, at full speed to get him to ejaculation.

An ejaculation of hand love is a withering operation, so that boys lose sensitivity, but also make girls feel like doing manual as boring.

It’s about having some rhythm changes, and it takes some not-so-fast, not just to get him to ejaculation quickly.

So at first, you can slow down his whole body, then maintain an elegant speed to help him get close to the peak, and finally with speed to help him lift off, bloom.

In this way, you are not tired, he is also sensitive, is not happy?

Skill of sex3. Attack is first

Then superb hand skills have their limitations, skills like eating five-star restaurants, the second time less amazing, let your palms flip like flowers, he can experience no more than his body can feel.

But if you not only rub him but also rub his heart, that guarantee, from then on he will firmly remember your means.

If the woman is not in a hurry to make him comfortable, but comfortable for a while, slow down for a while, in the process of turning back a thousand times, let him ask you to speed up, you do not let, this is called really comfortable.

When combined with visual and tactile effects, such as sitting on his left or right side, handing him a seductive side laugh at the right time, or using your body to give him a soft tactile experience.

It can also be paired with sound effects, such as the sound of moist water in the mouth, or the sound of delicious food in the nasal cavity, to match the visual touch and sound, and then with a little fragrant smell.

Have a nice evening.

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