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How do you see that boys don’t love you anymore?Next is signs he doesn’t love you.

First, changes in body language If words can be false, can lie, it is because words are after our brain thinking, but body language will not, it is usually an instinctive human response, if a boy does not love you, he will have a significant change in body language.

Signs he doesn’t love you1. What’s the look in the eyes of boys when they look at girls?

Full of affection. Also, the gaze is a way of boys love, for their favourite people, boys are more willing to take the time to look at her, will be willing to and like people affectionately, but if not love, will be the couple’s eyes away, immediately look elsewhere.

If the boy does not love you, you can see his eyes, is not from love, doting into a kind of impatience and fatigue, these boys will not say the words will tell you through his eyes.

Signs he doesn’t love you2. Changes in physical contact as a “person”, in the face of like things, will certainly be involuntarily to touch it, meet like people are the same, will not want to have physical contact with her, far away from her. Think of you and your boyfriend just together scene, he will take the initiative in the crowded shopping mall to hold your hand, in the street secretly kiss you, in the rainy day when intimately put you in your arms, afraid you will be caught in the rain.

These physical contacts are more voluntary, and love is bound to occur. But if a boy doesn’t love you, physical contact with you may be less and less, as shown by not taking your hand actively, especially in public places with more people. Refuse or perfunctory in the face of your kiss. The most serious is when you don’t want to touch you. It is well known that boys love sex, and when a boy loses interest in your body, it means that the boy really has no love for you. 

Signs he doesn’t love you3. Changes in the interpersonal distance The distance between people is simply the distance between people, divided into four regions according to the number of distances:

(1) Intimate area: between 0 and 46 cm from our body (distance between lovers)

(2) Interpersonal area: between 46cm and 1.2m from our bodies. (Distance between friends)

(3) Transaction area: between 1.2m and 3.7m from our bodies. (Distance between colleagues)

(4) Public area: 3.7m away from our bodies.  

Couples who have just been together are particularly close to each other, with a date of no more than 40cm, when they are filled with love for each other. But if it’s too long, if one party doesn’t like the other, he may vaguely keep his distance and keep the other side too close. So when you see you here, think about what the distance between your boyfriend and you was on the last date.

Second, the language level

Willing to communicate with you sincerely I think this point is very important if you quarrel because of a thing, or you this time because of something emotional danger, but your boyfriend will take the initiative to come to you to communicate, to talk to you about who’s wrong, which means that this relationship is still saved.

Many girls think that boys in the quarrel unconditionally blame themselves, is to spoil her love her performance, in fact, this is only the way for boys to solve problems quickly, is to feel reasonable and you do not use to do so. Think differently, encounter a thing, you feel that the other side is wrong, you choose not to bother to explain to him, this situation either you think the opposite is a fool, said also do not understand.

No longer take the initiative to share life with you Since there is a period of love, then there will certainly be a bland period, but no matter what period, if the partner still retains love, it will certainly want to share their lives. In the beginning, what he eats every day may be shared with you, in the roadside to see the flowers in full bloom will also be photographed to you, just want to share his life with you. But over time, you will find that less often need you to ask him, and in the face of your inquiry, usually with “oh” “hmm”  this kind of people do not have the desire to chat reply. And this is often the beginning of the collapse of love.

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