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Adult life, the sex life monotonous, boring, less frequent, anyone can become the “crushing camel” the last straw.

However, the play needs to accumulate, human beings are not born, sex also needs to practice more.

If you and your other half are not good at expressing your desires, even if you are hot and physically strong.

Here we go, the sex games starts below!

Sex games1

– Prop preparation:

A container (hat/bowl is fine), some small pieces of paper, a pen

– Game form:

Writing down your sexual fantasies on small pieces of paper can be between having sex in your head or having sex before you, but it’s best to have some feasibility.

Write it concisely on a piece of paper, place it in a container, close your eyes and pick one out and try to finish it together.

When sharing your sexual fantasies, the finer the plot, the better, and it can pull you closer, which, of course, is the best chance to try a new, invincible way to crack sex

Sex games2

Record your short breath and send it to the other person.

When you’re not with your partner, or he’s in your next room, masturbating your partner is perfect foreplay.

It’s much easier than recording an erythrose video, it’s not as worrying, uncomfortable, and your hands are free to touch themselves.

“This sound, whether it’s yours or your partner’s, can be a kind of foreplay that’s warmer and longer-lasting.” Travis Meadows, a psychologist who specializes in sexual counselling, says.

Record your wheezing sound, treat it as a yellow show, try it, take it slow, and bingo! Give it to him as an egg.

He will also be excited about your “work” because it means that you are longing for him, he is very attractive!

Sex games3

Watch the yellow film together (or watch it separately)

Watching other people having sex in the film, even if you’re just having sex in the most everyday way, you’ll feel extra emotional and passionate.

That visual impact will hit you in a flash, allowing you to take a big step toward trying to hide in your heart and do things you didn’t dare to do.

If you find it too shameful to watch with him, and your partner is more conservative, you can invite him to share a link to his favourite yellow film so you can get his sexuality like.

Sex games4

“Want, don’t like, maybe” happy” list

Pleasure lists don’t necessarily need to be associated with sex, but taking the time to write down what you’re willing and unwilling to try in your sex life can help you turn them into reality.

Write down your “want, don’t like, maybe” list of pleasures with each other, and exchange reading.

When you put the two tables together, you can quickly see what you like about each other and what you can try together in “maybe you can”?

There is also a suggestion, write more, as if to write their own advantages, people are always embarrassed to write more, write, you will find, oh, originally I will be so much! I’m great!

A longer list of pleasures will help you jump out of the box and go beyond your existing life experience, and you can’t help but start writing! 

Sex games5

Simple dirty talk

Are you a little anxious when you try something new? Let’s talk a little dirty talk!

Before you officially start sex, it’s perfect foreplay.

If you’re not sure where to start, take turns saying what you want each other to do and take turns to start playing.

A good opening line is usually something like, “I like you to do X because of Y.”

Sex games6

Deprive part of the sensory sensation

Did you notice that your sense of smell became sharper after your nose didn’t work? Or are other senses sharper when the eyes are blindfolded? The same applies to the sensory experience of sex.

Research has shown that simply covering your eyes with an eye mask can instantly enhance your touch experience by 5 times!

Sex games7

Increase your five senses of experience, our body’s five senses include vision, touch, taste, smell, hearing.

To enhance your tactile pleasure, start by opening up other sensory experiences, such as smell, women, and especially olfactory animals.

Why? Sexual therapist Michelle Herzog explains: “People can enjoy the whole sensory nervous system with a more three-dimensional game. ”

So try adding a little smell that adds to the pleasant atmosphere, such as aromatherapy or essential oils.

Sex games8

Give him a thermal massage.

Similarly, pouring warm massage oil on yourself or your partner during the foreplay, with only a slight soothing, can enhance your overall pleasure.

Studies have shown that improving the skin’s sense of different temperatures, such as alternating ice and fire, can instantly refresh your sensory experience.

When it comes to heat, try essential oil candles, which, unlike regular candles, are only 0.5 degrees warmer than the body’s questions, and melt to massage the body’s essential oils to make sure they don’t burn their skin.

Let’s stop here today. There are 8 tips to share.

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