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How to maintain the honeymoon period?

If I had to find an answer, I would say understanding and acceptance.

In the period of love, the person you love is not himself, but the person you fantasize about who you want. Love because you don’t know, separate because you don’t know. Why is it that after the love period, there are always so many break-up tests? Because of the effect of hormonal beautification in the past, the true face of the person only surfaced, this time two people are not very able to accept each other’s true appearance, so they will desperately seek how to maintain freshness, how to maintain the secret of the relationship. At the beginning of any relationship, love is not about itself, but about the subconsciously beautifying image based on your limited knowledge of him.

Therefore, the beginning of the relationship did not take long to say that very much love each other those people, talking really not reliable. Because this time he said love, is to love him at that time fantasy of you. And the fantasy of you, not you, you do not have to be happy too early! Can not say that he is a liar, I believe that he said this sentence when sincere, but perhaps even he did not know, he said the love is just the ideal feeling you gave him at that time, really feel is love, there is no problem.

When you don’t really know someone, you’re not qualified to say you love him. Because you don’t even know what he really looks like, why do you say the person you love is him?

Therefore, after the love period, do not have to worry about how to find ways to keep fresh, because this period is not used to preserve freshness, but need to face up to the most important issue: mutual understanding of the real each other. Because a true love relationship must go through these three stages:

Love period – understanding period – integration period

Some people will say that I already know each other during the love period. It’s really not, as long as the hormones blow up, you always feel more fantasy than real. That’s what you think you know, it’s a pink love bubble.

How to maintain the honeymoon period?

After the love period has passed, the feeling slowly fades away, gradually complaining and blaming each other, is when you begin to understand the real another side. At this time, the other side will show a more real self: the way of doing things, temperament, attitude to life, principles and other issues will be at a glance. At this point, instead of rushing to keep it fresh, focus on:

Know what kind of person the other person is, such a person do you want to be with him, to love him?


So, in the run-in period, don’t spend a lot of time tangled up: Why has he changed? It’s not that he’s changed, it’s that he’s real at this time. What you should do is to come back to reality and get to know the person you’re in love with. What are his strengths, what are the pains, and what are your unacceptable weaknesses? Knowing his true face, if: (1) he still has a point of appreciation (2) his shortcomings may not be perfect, but do not touch the bottom line of your principles, is acceptable, growing (3) know his past pain you will be distressed, willing to accompany him to face. Well, just have a good time with this guy. Because there is no perfect companion in this world tailored for you.

During this transition period, there are unfortunate people, there are lucky people. The unfortunate person is understood by the other party, can’t accept it. The lucky person is even if many imperfect, the other party is still willing to accompany you forward, and the most terrible is, while can’t accept, while painfully pestering don’t let go. If we don’t get together, I won’t blame you.


If I love you, I will take good care of myself and give you less trouble. Then make sure it’s delivered to you, it’s warm, it’s love!

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