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Clearly, you are in love, you may be separated by misunderstanding. How to know if your ex still loves you?

If he does not answer your phone, do not return your information, he does not love you, but still angry with you, will deliberately evade you, do not want to meet you, this time you must take the initiative to attack, will save him.

How to know if your ex still loves you?

1, after the break-up will always mention you in front of friends, will always find you chat, the presence of the place you can see, hope to attract your attention, will always pay attention to your dynamics, these are the break-up after want to save the performance.

After the break-up, the other person will always mention you in front of friends and people you know, will say a lot about you, and you together experience things, a lot of memories.

Always will put you in the mouth, not because of others, just can’t forget you, although break up, or all about you in mind will always recall these. He just wants you to come back and save you again. These are all possible again. 

2, will always find a variety of reasons to chat with you

Although said that the break-up is no longer any relationship, should not disturb each other, but not all the break-up is because of not love, but because of a momentary impulse, may also be because of what things rushed to make the other side angry, so have to break up, such people often will regret after the break-up, want to save.

They will always find a variety of reasons to find each other to chat, even if there is nothing to chat about, will also find their own various topics to chat, and sometimes take some things deliberately to provoke you, just hope to be forgiven, can get your good feelings again, if both people are like this, then you can compound the chances are great.

3, will always appear in the place you can see

Whether boys or girls in front of their favourite people will be very nervous, will be very shy, but still like to find a sense of presence in front of that person, will always appear in front of you for a variety of reasons.

And a person you like broke up, but also want to save that person is the same, just will not be shy, but there will be a little embarrassed and nervous, but still in many places, find a lot of reasons to appear in front of you, sometimes maybe coincidental, but more often that person is intentional because he hopes that these can save you again.

4, will always pay attention to your development

People who want to save after a breakup will keep an eye on your every move, especially your various online social dynamics.

Many times pay attention to your dynamics do not just want to see you live well, do not just want you so simple, but afraid that you will have their favourite people, afraid that there is no chance to save you, afraid that there is no way to leave you around.

In fact, this may be a little childish and ridiculous, but in fact, I just hope you can give me a chance, or may just find a suitable opportunity to find you clearly.

5, do not answer your phone, do not return your information.

You love him sometimes because of your mistakes, but to break up with you, not even answer your phone, do not return your information, in this case, he is not do not love you, but afraid that they easily forgive you, you will have another time, will make you more pain.

6. Delete all your contact details.

When your predecessor is completely dead to you, it will remove all your contact information and blacken you.

The reason why he has this kind of performance, want to use their own departure, let him grow up.

This time you have to realize the mistake, to save his heart.

7, a short time, began a new relationship.

To forget, your predecessor will quickly move on to the next emotion, in fact, it is easy to love one, but it is difficult to forget a person. Even if he starts a new relationship, he will never forget you, and even walk through the places you’ve been and be with you, and it’ll always be in his head. And as long as you often show up where you’ve been together, maybe you’ll find out where he is, waiting for you to save him.

8, after the break-up performance, is very desperate.

In fact, everyone in the break-up, the performance of a very desperate, not that he is not enough love, but too much love, afraid that he soon soft forgive you, he made efforts in vain.

What to say also let you wait until you have changed, abuse you, let you know the value of love, let you know that his love for you is so sincere, is so deep.

9, will change yourself for you

If the predecessor still has you in mind, he will certainly care what you think of him, he will follow your request to him before the break-up to change themselves, and will intentionally let you know that he did so because he wants to keep you, want to use a better self to keep you.

10, will also be jealous of you

To love a person, to treat all the opposite sex close to her as an enemy.

If your ex still has you in mind, he’ll be jealous if he sees you have a slightly better relationship with the opposite sex. Jealousy is the most obvious manifestation of you in his heart.


When your predecessor appears in these 10 kinds of performance, it is not that he does not love you, but that he only in this way, you will realize the mistake, will want to change, otherwise, you will always be like this, he really does not have the courage to go with you.

If you still love them, can you make changes for him, make efforts for your love, and save your friendship.

It’s not that you don’t love enough, it’s that this thing traps you, so that you can’t get out of this predicament, and you’re going to let each other go further and further.

Finally, I advise my emotional friends that when a relationship begins to break down and go to death, learn how to love yourself first.

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