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In fact, taking the initiative to chase a man does not mean that you have to pay all. Go out to dinner, you can still let him pay; He also spends a lot of time and energy talking to him; Your principle, let him know that he can not play with your feelings, even to he spend the mind to tie you; He fell in love with you in the process of understanding you, which shows that such love is not just curiosity, but understanding the stable love. And talk to the person you like, get to know him, let him know you, you don’t have any loss, but will be full of achievement.

But in the face of the boys you like, can you take the initiative?

Of course not, now the boys are also very picky good, and you look at the boys may also have other girls to see, you still have to take a little thought to get his!

So how to do it!

It’s a strategy about how to get a boy to like you quickly.

The strategy is divided into the primary and advanced versions

The primary version applies to situations where you are not familiar with the boy and he doesn’t know what kind of situation you have a good feeling for him. You need to do this:

1. Get to know him well

If you can see him often, watch his daily life carefully. If you can’t see each other often, it’s convenient to get to know each other through the Internet. Friends circle is the preferred channel, but other social platforms also don’t miss, teach everyone a small way to add his mobile phone number as a contact, and then open each platform, and then add contacts friends, so you can find his traces on each platform. But remember not to let him know you’re doing these things unless you want him to think you’re a voyeur. Finally, I would like to remind you that it is best not to know him through others because the information given by others is not necessarily accurate.

2. Show your strengths

If a boy doesn’t show interest in you in the first place, probably because he doesn’t know you, this is the time to show himself and let him see our strengths and be attracted to us. Of course to do this step first of all to think about their own advantages, if they do not know what advantages they have, then I advise you not to pursue. Of course, showing himself is also a technical job, you can’t be rigid with him to show, for example, tell him that there are a lot of boys chasing themselves, send him self-portrait videos every day and so on are inappropriate behaviour, to learn low-key hints.

3.Give him a sweet smile

When you’re not familiar with a boy, you may not have a way to flirt with him face-to-face, but just remember that this skill may make him want to stop you, and that’s smiling. Remember must be a sweet smile, can bring a little shyness, blush also does not matter, do not ignore the image of laughter. Remember, the next time you meet him, if you don’t know what to talk about, say hello, and then give him a sweet smile, don’t shy away from his eyes. 

4. Have an in-depth online chat with him.

An in-depth chat. You can choose to talk to him about more in-depth topics, such as personal feelings, future planning, ideal dreams, emotional experiences, and so on, on a Saturday night, or when he’s in a more emotional circle of friends.

5. Create an opportunity to date alone.

Remember to date alone, only when two people are face-to-face and no one else bothers. You can offer it yourself, or you can imply that he offered it. Dating content choose what you are good at and the other person likes, if you are good at sports, you can ask him to climb the mountain, if you are in no-shy, can not express, it is best to choose to ask him to see a movie.

These five things, is the very basic version, to do these five things, completed the first step.

Below is an how to get a boy to like you advanced tutorial to make sure your relationship has developed to a certain extent before you can do it in real-time.

First of all, I would like to remind you first, first make sure that the other side, you have a certain feeling, to do the following things, how to judge that he is to you have a certain feeling, basically, you ask him he can come out, can take the initiative to send you a message is to you have a good feeling.

One: On WhatsApp

A lot of girls interact well with boys, chatting every day, but there’s no progress. I looked at the chat history only to find that every day to talk about some of the events around, there is no ambiguous statement. What’s the difference between you talking to him like this and a friend? Aren’t you afraid he’s really taking you as a good friend? If you want to make progress with him, first you have to be ambiguous!

As for how ambiguous, the method is very simple ah, I have taught everyone before, you can boast about him, boast his eyes deep, nose and mouth sexy and so on any part of the body. Then you can express your concern for him and show your tender watery side, such as telling him to eat breakfast on time. Or you can wake him up in a sloppy voice and say, “Good morning, have you eaten the bed?”


Two: smile him on a date

For example, when crossing the street, you gently pull his corner of clothing, he will look back with a smile, hold your hand.

For example, we chat together, talk about funny places, you hold a big laugh while tilting your head to his side.

At dinner, offer to feed him, or wipe his mouth.

Separate time, suddenly give him a loving hug and then turn around and run. Closer to two people, the first human acceptance of another person is based on allowing his physical contact with you, and this step is the most needed to create a sense of familiarity between men and women during the ambiguous period.

Three: play once missing

With the front paving, maybe he’s already impressed with you. But men for easy to get things often do not cherish, this time you have to take the initiative to your relationship to create some obstacles, hit him, the purpose is to let him produce a strong mood difference and fluctuations, so completely inseparable from you.

This trick is also very simple, the key point is that you have to be hard-hearted. For example, take the initiative to ask him out, but an hour or two in advance to tell him that temporary things can not go to the appointment, this time he will certainly ask you in detail why you do not go, remember not to explain, does not reply. Then after a day or two, send him a message explaining: I’m sorry. Forgot to reply to you, that day my dog was ill, so did not go out with you, to compensate you I will invite you to dinner tomorrow. You can occasionally not reply to him when chatting. If he asks you, congratulations you’ve won! You might ask, will this anger him, yes, the purpose is to make him angry ah. But you can’t do this often, just use it once.

Four: Let him be jealous of you

This is simpler, the key point is to be natural, do not let people see that it is intentional or it will be counterproductive. For example, when he unashamedly mentioned a boy, boast about the boy “this boy seems to be handsome than you”, or when he asked you, refused to say to him “sorry ah, I have an appointment today, my high school classmate, about me many times, and then refuse him not too good, next time you want to ask me to say earlier.” Remember not to send him frequent screenshots of chats with different boys, photos, etc., unless you want him to misunderstand you as the kind of woman whodissolute.

V. Give him a small gift

Many people choose to give boys gifts very solemnly on major holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but isn’t that the equivalent of a confession? Gifts must be given, but how to send them is very learned. First of all, you can not send expensively, you want to send that kind of cheap, delicate, practical small things, such as cups, mice pad, card sets and so on so that he will think of you when he uses these things. Also, to send gifts to appear casual, usually see his hand over to him “come, this mouse pad and your temperament is quite in line with, take it to use it”, instead of saying “I gave you carefully selected a Christmas gift, please be sure to accept”!

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