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What kind of gifts for boys like to receive from their girlfriends?

How much you spend digging into the practicality of the gift, is the greatest intention of this gift, it is not easy to find a good, high-utilization gift.

These gifts are suitable for students and newly entering the workplace couple to buy gifts for boys .

1. Handmade wallet. This is my first gift to him, his 20th birthday, I am still in the internship period, not much budget for him to prepare a decent wallet, I have friends who are doing handmade leather goods, leather I still understand the higher the price, the better the quality of what you buy, buy their own skin to do, is obviously the most cost-saving program. Online there are ready-made material bags to buy, the shape of the skin has been cut, and then buy a set of kits can start to do. It’s a lot easier to do than I thought, and after I bought it, the store will send a video tutorial over and finish it in a week. 

Mind and practical are in place, this wallet he close to take for four years, asked him whether to make a new one, he said it is not bad, why change.

In handmade gifts, wallets are the best, it hides romance in time, other

Be sure to buy a good cortex, if you firmly believe that this love can talk for a long time, the good cortex can stand the years. 

2. More than two hundred can buy Gillette’s high-end series, gravity box packaging can be said to be Gillette all series of the best looking, Gillette has always been a practical wind, Gillette Feng faintly smooth is also a high-end series, are only transparent plastic box packaging, gravity box packaging is more suitable for taking as a gift.


At that time, the boyfriend got the hand, cheerfully took a picture of the circle of friends, a total of 6 knives, he took a year to use .

Even if it is a boy, will pretend to put it on the washing table to show love, the key is that every time he used to shave, will think of your considerate intentions.

This ball is a feature of Gillette than straight-headed razor fit will be better, just like a wrist joint can be more flexible, adapt to the face of the highs and lows, I secretly used to shave the leg hair, no foam is scraped very clean.

3. Lego Bricks No boy can deny all opportunities to show their intelligence in hands-on activities! So they from an early age prefer building blocks, 4WD this need to be put together toys we are both “Friends” loyal fans, every year to relive, very much recommended that couples look at this classic American drama together, the character portrayal is particularly real, we often watch the play when discussing the different angles of thinking of men and women, and therefore more understanding of the right side. He never high with the idea of “inclusive” to treat my female emotions, he felt that this is the difference between men and women, is my innate characteristics, not only the male way of thinking is right, these are “Friends” taught to us.


Lego also has the Big Bang of Life, Harry Potter, Iron Man and more. It’s not hard at all, its instructions are so meticulous that 10-year-olds can spell it out. Later my home must have a special display cabinet, put our Lego and his hand to do! 

4. NIKE custom shoes. Expensive but well worth it. Boyfriend’s biggest hobby is to buy shoes before also sent him some shoes, this time want to send a little special money, with his friends to ask about, know NIKE has customized services, immediately under NIKE APP began to design. I bought Blazer’s version, designed on the APP to look good, which can be received about a month after the order, all cost a total of 899 yuan. Search for “custom” on NIKE, will come out all available for custom version, Blazer’s model can spray text on the side of the shoe, we can also pick their favourite model.

My own colour scheme is too girly. Finally found his friend, asked the boy what kind of colour scheme, under the guidance of his friend made a blue-and-white model. The boyfriend was very happy to show off when he received it.


The person who will open this answer has a heart full of him, and we are willing to pay for the seemingly useless sense of ritual because you are the most honourable thing in my life.


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