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All say that the girl’s sixth sense is very accurate, in fact, in the feelings, the boy’s intuition is also very accurate, when you ask this question, must be feeling that the girlfriend has not loved themselves as before. Some girls will be very direct, do not love is not love, will clearly tell you, but most girls will choose to drag, perhaps because temporarily do not know how to open. But in any case, even if they do not speak, the mind will be reflected in the behaviour, there is a saying that the world’s most hidden is cough and love, in fact, do not love also can not hide. When girls start not loving you, these signs girls dont like you:

1. No longer willing to physical contact When a person begins to change heart, the body is the first to respond. Men can hug and kiss and even make closer contact with women they don’t love, but women don’t, and women mostly have sex because of love, which means they only get up close and personal with people they like. When a woman likes you, she can’t wait to hang on to you all the time, see you want to hug a kiss, go every place want to hold your hand, because this time, you are full of male charm in her eyes. And when she doesn’t love you, your masculinity is instantly lost in her eyes, she has no interest in your body at all, and even feels that your touching of her body is an offence, subconsciously avoiding your rejection. The mouth may lie, but the physical response is the most honest.

2. Sudden beauty or sudden randomness. If your girlfriend is usually casual in front of you, but suddenly began to become beautiful, always deliberately dressed up very well, but also in the absence of your occasion, it is necessary to note that she may have a new goal, because want to attract the attention of the other side, will pay special attention to their own external. If your girlfriend usually will be carefully dressed, only when you see you are particularly casual, the head is not washed, clothes do not match, even light makeup is not willing to change, it either means that completely treat you as their own people, or she does not care what you think of her, you are not she is willing to dress up to see people. 

3. There is no desire to share with you. Girls like a person will become particularly clingy, see the roadside puppy also want to shoot to show you, see a strange cloud in the sky want to share with you, eat a delicious cake anxious to tell you. For girls, like is to have a strong desire to share, when she is no longer willing to share life clips with you, probably no longer love you.

4. No longer care about anything you do. Girls like a person are like this, will want to walk into each other’s life, want to know what the other side is doing all the time, how the mood, and no longer love your girl, even if you in front of her endlessly talk about their own lives, she can not listen to a few words, because do not want to participate in your life, you have no interest.

5. No longer stick to people, become very sensible. Many boys will have this feeling, why just with girlfriend together, think she is good enough, independent enough, sensible enough, never because of some small incident temper, never unreasonable, but after a period of time together, she is like a changed person, possession control desire is very strong, hate every second to know what they are doing, the messages to reply in time, go out to report, a little thing not to do well will be angry, simply unreasonable. In fact, most boys do not know, this time the girl really loves you, the more like you, the easier to rely on you, the easier it is to expect you when these expectations are lost, will be disappointed, will be angry, it becomes the boy’s eyes unreasonable. When your girlfriend can also live a good life, no longer want to know your dynamics all the time, no longer so look forward to meeting you, not because you have too many emotional fluctuations, then congratulations, she has not loved you so much.

 These signs girls dont like you:

6. Don’t care if you love her or not. Girls like a person’s favourite question: Do you love me or not? The girl’s favourite question when she quarrels and gets angry: Don’t you love me anymore? Most girls are very insecure creatures, even if you are good, they can not help but always determine the boys love them because, at that time, they are in love with you. When your girlfriend no longer chases you to ask if you love her, not that she has a sense of security, but that she really doesn’t care, after all, who cares if a person they don’t love loves is not love themselves? In fact, she still loves not to love you, you know better than anyone else, no more suspicion is better than spread out clearly, love when to cherish, do not love on the sprinkling let go, clear conscience, do not leave regret is already the best account of a relationship.

7. She won’t send you a message. Before going to bed every day will say good night to each other, all the time to chat with you. Now you can’t hear from her any more than the matter.

8. Refuse to get up close and personal with your usual favourite weekend shopping together, go out and hold your arm, hold your head firmly on your shoulder, and now prefer a person.

9. Start to have their own “little secret” originally she will be your two photos set as a screensaver, mobile phone password is your love anniversary, there is no secret between each other, do not know when she also has can not let you know the “secret.”

10. Girls are very sensitive and possessive, and when there are other women around you she will do everything in their power to defend their sovereignty when she no longer cares if there is another woman who will love you, that is when she no longer loves you.

Once this happens, you have to be careful.

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