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What men want women to know?There are a lot of things that men don’t say to women, but they want to say.

1. Don’t listen to online nonsense, they’re just trying to stir up high traffic after emotions. Feelings are the two of us, we have to feel for ourselves.

2. As a man, I feel that I should be gentle, take care of you, bear your small emotions. But baby, men are also human, I also want to feel your own fragile time, feel your warmth.

3. I’m really lucky to be your boyfriend. So, I may sometimes be unable to control their own feelings, want to be tired of you. I know you’ll think, this man used to be quite independent, why is he so sticky now? I want to say that this is because I really like you, I hope you can understand, even if how surprised, not used to listening. Also give me some warm reply, let my love words some response.

4. If you don’t think I’m doing well enough, or if you want me to treat you in any way, can you give me some obvious tips? I’m trying to get to know you, but I don’t want to be a guessing champion.

5. There are times when you’re not happy to talk to me, and I wonder where I’m not doing well enough. But sometimes I’m not happy to talk to you, and you feel like I don’t love you. Honey, that’s why we quarreled, and I kept silent. I think it’s possible to suppress your emotions before you’re satisfied. 

6. Before I was with you, I learned about the difficulty of being in love. I know I can’t show up at your side in time, you will feel so lost. Seriously, every time this kind of time I am also very sad, I hate that I do not have the ability to give you the perfect feelings. But I will gritted my teeth, silently work hard, make good money. Fight for our feelings and we won’t be defeated by reality in the end.

What men want women to know?

7. Having your moment, your hobby is like my hobby. You love to listen to the song I suddenly feel good, you like the food has become my favorite, and even I will go to the Internet silently understand cosmetics knowledge. But when I wanted to start a computer game with my buddy on the weekend and you said I was naive, I was a little sad.

8. I admit that you are beautiful and have a high demand for life. Although I can’t make you a princess now, I’ll try. So, please don’t say I don’t deserve you in the future.

9. As your boyfriend, I’d love to give you a present. But I want you to know that this is because I love you, not my duty. We both have to fight for the future, not you are responsible for enjoying, I am responsible for raising the family.

10. I have no love experience and really don’t know how to fall in love. If you feel that my way you are useless, please tell me directly and I will improve. Don’t be cold, it makes me feel inferior.

11. There are no naturally suitable two people, and emotional harmony requires frequent communication between the two of us. If communication is not very good solution, we can try to find a professional consultant.

12. Feelings are two people, and value and effort should be balanced. It’s a man’s responsibility to earn money to support his family, and every disagreement I compromise is to show that I love you. Well, I try my best because I love you. But once, I work overtime hungry want you to help me cook bowl noodles, you ask me, I am your girlfriend or babysitter? At that moment I was confused, then what I usually do, is it a boyfriend?

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