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What kind of boys do girls usually like? Do these points and make girls like you.

1. Mature. I don’t like childish boys, although they are cute at times, but they will quarrel with you because of a little thing. Girls are childish, you are more childish than me then can not. Two elementary school students quarrelled and got into a fight with two lollipops. How do we face the ubiquitous guns and arrows of the adult world? I need someone to help me with my umbrella, not someone to grab my umbrella.

2. Be forward-hearted. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor now. I am not afraid to live a hard life, I do not have much desire for material, I can also make their own money. You don’t need to pay, just be with you. But I am afraid of eternal poverty, a moment of poverty may have many factors, family, society, city, or no opportunity. But a lifetime of poverty is not time to reflect, if you want to form a small family, the cost is very large. But only if you have that forward-hearted effort, willing to fight for our little family, why do I hate you now poor? 

3. Pay attention to the details. Girls are very easy to be impressed by the details! Once, I was dating my boyfriend, eating strawberry ice cream when the clothes were dirty, I was behind only to know that I had a little stain on my clothes. He didn’t say anything, and then on the date he prepared paper towels, and I didn’t say anything, but silently gave him a score in his heart. Chasing a girl’s words is more important than saying it.

4. Kindness. Do you really think society is sinister, so kindness is worthless? Weak kindness is worthless. Most of the girls’ minds are soft and delicate, and they will be worried about seeing a poor little stray cat. If a man would be willing to squat down and feed it a little food and touch his head with you, he would also be willing to help those around him who are in trouble, and of course he would have the ability to tell right from wrong. Know who should help, who shouldn’t help.

5. Romance. Which girl doesn’t like romance? In the warm small room, two people nest in the bed, listen to the outside ticking rain, you say a few words from the heart, one hand holding her watching TV. Sending her some unexpected gifts at the festival is not necessarily expensive, but it must represent your heart. Originally very plain a daily fragment, the original life can also live into poetry.

6. Education

Boys with gentlemanly style, girls like to work very seriously, do not argue with people, always when others talk to always listen carefully, treat friends and colleagues patiently, stand in other people’s perspective, clothes are always neat, clean and tidy.

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