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It’s hard to meet someone who fits very well, you think you’ve met Mr.right, maybe it’s pick up artist.

What’s the feature of pick up artist?

1. Dare to say anything. For example, say, make a promise, “When I have the money, buy you a car.” ”

“I’ll make it up to you later” In short, pick up artists say yes, but on closer inspection, he promised “future-style”!There will be no result.

2. Pretend to be confused and re-care. You get hot-headed by him and say things like, “Or I’ll go and play with you next week.” I’ve imagined boyfriends with you a type haha. “He pretended to be confused, and he doesn’t talk about it. After a while, you are disappointed, feel that you think more, he came back, promised you something else or care about you, “Good night, dream of me.” Anyway, he’s the one who controls the chat. Do you have similar experience?

3. Like to make a temporary appointment with you to meet immediately! I’m downstairs with you, come out, “Go to the movies this afternoon?” “Girls will feel overbearing enough to be conquered. As a result, go back and stop sending messages, and play this trick again for a week. Remember! This kind of pick up artist doesn’t necessarily want to get you to bed. But they like to play with women’s self-esteem and gain a sense of conquest. Learning to refuse is the first step in maintaining a sense of being expensive.

4. The real pick up artist is like a teenager playing basketball in high school. If you ask him about his criteria for choosing a mate, he will never say how beautiful he is and how well he is at home. He would say, “Understand me me,” “beautiful,” “have fun together.” Girls listen to a particularly easy hook, self-in, “I am like this, what’s so difficult, it seems that I have a chance.” “So when you talk to them, you rack your brains and try to talk about what interests him, just to praise him, you know me very well. 

5. Not afraid to say that he has a girlfriend, or even deliberately say. Some men, when they tell you at first, will say, “I like you very much, but I already have a girlfriend.” “You think, if he’s really single-person, he won’t say “I like you” and keep his confession in mind. And then a sentence “but I have a girlfriend”, is not to draw a line with you, the confession to run. Is to throw the problem to you, meaning “you look at it, I like you, but I can’t break up with my girlfriend, do you want to play ambiguous?” “This operation, the girl will put down the vigilance, while comforting himself, ” he said of having a girlfriend, so we are now chatting is a normal friend mode” or “he should not be pick up artist, he is also very painful somehow decided, maybe he will break up to choose me” No, he will not break up. If he really likes you, he will never let you know he has a girlfriend, but quietly break up, and then tell you. Sisters with this situation, hurry to stop investing, waste energy and feelings.

8. Don’t think pick up artist you can only say sweet words, in fact, they will also match: pretend to be hurt by you, pretend to be sincere, these two tricks together hit. You chat with pick up artist will find that their rhythm is very smooth, each of these 3 tricks can be accurately put out, let you move.

How do you tell he’s pick up artist? Ask yourself. When you think it’s too dreamy to get along with him, but there’s always a hidden worry, that’s basically it. Alertness to danger is an instinctive response to the legacy of our humanity.


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