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How make men relay on you?

1, girls must be independent, all aspects of independence you have charm, don’t think men like that kind of what depends on their own ah, is right, but you see you rely on more, rely on for a long time, men bother you do not bother you. Don’t take the short-term expectation that they show male hormones as their permanent need for the other half. No one wants to raise a daughter, men are actually married, love, but also looking for “life partners.” So even if you like sticking to your boyfriend very much, it’s best to schedule your time and spend only part of your time glued to each other each month, most of the time you still need to be independent.

2, girls to be interesting, their own lives to often become surprised. Men this kind of creature is born new and tired of old, of course, not to say that he scum, but this is their nature and instinct, so we should not go to sneer, on the contrary, we have to learn to use their nature, work out their own love rules out, since they like “new”, that to learn to change their own dress, often change their circle of friends and social circles, often to make some more interesting people, often change their life status, always do not let a man see through you. Learn to leave 30 percent mystery for yourself forever. Even if you’ve been in love for a long time, 30 percent will stick to it.

3, the ultimate killer——— to make men relay on you. How to make a man more dependent on you? Quite simply, it’s about developing a good habit for him. At least in a life needs or psychological needs, un principled barrier-free and in place to meet him, so that he always on the same issue will not seek help for anyone other than you. No longer want to be acquired by others. For example, from the first time he encountered distress to confide in you, you can try to calm his emotions, adjust his emotions, to provide him with positive emotional value. Let the other side feel “power” “warm” “happiness” and so on, in the long run, whenever he is unhappy, will be in the subconscious spontaneous demand for you, then the sense of demand will slowly give birth. Dependency will also gradually develop.


4. The use of good men’s “vanity” people love on the one hand because of demand, on the other hand is because of vanity, everyone is the social relations and other people under the influence of the product, so in fact, especially for men such a good-looking creature, their hearts are very important to the girlfriend’s external objective conditions, that is, they all want their girlfriends, take out face, can add value to themselves. So, try to spend as much time on the outside as possible, and you won’t make a mistake.

5.The heavier the proportion of what you do in a man’s life and career, the less likely it is for him to leave you. If you can only bring tea to a man and make porridge soup, that’s at best just the importance of being a babysitter, but if you can help a man plan a career and take care of family affairs, then you must be a very difficult alternative.

6. Let this man find an absolute sense of existence and heroism in you. Men are born to be heroes who save people from water and fire. Learn to tell him that you need him very much. I used to be a very strong person, but over time, found that in fact, men’s bones still do not like those things willing to be strong girls. They would rather suffer and help others, rather than benefit from reciprocity but accept the people around them to point fingers.

7. It’s foolish to learn to reward people for always staring at men’s shortcomings, always worrying, always criticizing. Encounter some problems or something, first give him a high position, and then to criticize, the other side will be more acceptable.

8. The more you show that you don’t care about men, the more men care about you. I know a lot of girls like to see their boyfriend’s cell phone, to track her boyfriend’s whereabouts, in fact, it is not necessary. At least it can be done in secret, but there’s no need for them to know. The other person’s needs you have to meet, the basic girlfriend responsibilities you have to do, but other than that, there is no need to stick to them. Male creatures themselves are an easy group to get tired of. So, it’s important to keep space and spiritual independence with them. Love them again and have their own lives and ideas. Sacrifice within the limits of affordability, and within the limits of affordability, choose to protect your own interests.

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