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1. Chatting with your crush, don’t be too enthusiastic. The more difficult you are to chase, the more interested he is, the more enthusiastic you are, the more he thinks you are really boring. If a girl shows a strong love for men in the first place. Men won’t be interested in you.

2. Don’t show strong likes at first, slowly show him a little bit. Let him guess you, let him think you are mysterious, let him have an impression on you, slowly occupy his mind, do not spread out you’re under card in the first place. It’s like watching a movie and telling the ending at the beginning. Will you still be interested?

3.Look for him from time to time, don’t pester him all the time. Don’t think about him, do your own thing first, enrich your life, from time to time to find him. Don’t pester people all the time, keep telling them how much you like him. Just stop at the point. It would be very awkward if the other person didn’t feel it for the time being.

4.If he comes to you on his own initiative, you will occasionally play and disappear. He’ll wonder if he’s done something wrong, and he’ll deepen his concern for you. Then when you return his message, explain that something was just busy.


There is also the issue of chat frequency.

Chatting with your crush, not that the more you talk to boys, the more speculative you appear, the more likely you are to develop, knowing that sometimes, it is likely that because of your high frequency of active chat, you put yourself in such a three desperate situation:

1. Topic depletion to chat well with boys, chat topics are naturally essential. If you chat with boys, there is always no good topic, then lose the meaning of the chat itself, long-term become embarrassing. If you talk to boys every day, you probably won’t have this problem at first, because you did some homework and preparation before that. But as you talk longer and more times, you’ll soon run out of topics and get stuck in the awkward situation of a chat. Once that happens, you’re not far from game over.

2. Let the boys have a sense of superiority if you are always frequent every day, take the initiative to find male chat, and not leave boys to take the initiative to find your opportunities and gaps. A long time, will let the boys produce a kind: anyway, I do not have to do anything, as long as the time comes, girls will automatically come to me. This in the boy’s heart will unknowingly produce a sense of superiority, which means that your relationship, from now on has become unethical, he has been in a high position, master the initiative. In this case, you will produce an “absolute safety” in the minds of boys, then boys in the other attractive girls, of course, he will be preferred to interact with other girls. Because you are safe enough, and there is no danger of loss at any time, even if and other girls do not succeed, come back you are waiting for him in place. That way you become Plan B.

3. let boys have a sense of irritability long-term high frequency chat, will give boys a sense of irritability. Why is this happening? Because long-term high-frequency chat, will consume the mystery and freshness between the boys and you. It’s like you think something is interesting, like painting, but if you turn painting into a job you have to do every day, you have to finish dozens of lines every day, do you think painting is not so interesting, but it’s a boring burden. Similarly, the boy and you chat once or twice feel very interesting, chat very well, but you keep talking to him for a long time, in the end he will only tired, will only feel boring.

How to chat with boys correctly, a simple summary of a sentence: retain a sense of mystery, not high frequency exposure. In the treatment of boys, cannot be too active enthusiasm, he has long eaten you. If you want a boy to like you, you can’t spend all your thoughts on him, but you have to find a way to increase your attraction.

Don’t be too high frequency of active contact with boys, for you and boys to leave a little free space, but also to give yourself a little time to charge. Do not in a short period of time, high frequency of the topic you want to talk about and tray out, must learn to step by step, slowly. For example, seven days a week, four of which you have a hot chat with the boys, then the remaining three days, you have to properly cut off contact with him, to maintain a sense of mystery. But at the same time, please remember to send some news in the circle of friends, show their colorful life. Let the boy know that even without him you can live a very rich life, there are many high-value aspects that he does not know. At this time, if the boy likes you, then needless to say, he will also take the initiative to come to you. Remember never to think that silly to pay all the truth, you can get the same return as boys.

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