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Love advice:

1. Don’t give him a chance to think of his ex-girlfriend! The less he brushes his ex-girlfriend’s sense of presence in front of him, the more he brushes, the more he can’t forget. It’s like brushing the tiktok song repeatedly, you don’t want to be brainwashed by it is difficulty.

2. Lower your “expectations” for him a little, and you’ll be a little more happy and less disappointed.

3. Learn to stop loss in time. If you find the following behavior, break up quickly!

A quarrel will hit you; like to seduce others in social software; talk like to crush you.

4. How good your lover is, don’t show off, be careful what others remember.

5. Similar to the promise to support you all your life, listen to it, don’t rest assured, because the results may let you down. The moment he made a promise, perhaps sincerely. But over time, it can really go bad.

6. Be selfish and not be too selfless.

Don’t give up the university you want to study and the job you want to do in order to get closer to him.

Don’t give up a hobby he doesn’t like but loves in order to please him.

Don’t alienate friends who have been dating for years in order to free up more time to spend with him.

To do this, even without him, you can still live well.

7. Remember to fall in love, be sure to communicate. If there is any contradiction between two people, be sure to say it openly. Who does not say, in the heart, then, these grievances will pile up again and again, and finally in exchange for the end of the break-up. You know, there is no sudden break-up, only years of enduring.

On the contrary, if two people can tell the point, communicate with each other, understand each other, point fingers at each other, two people will progress together, feelings will go longer.

8. Boys warm small moves, then can only say sweet words more reliable.

For example, when you go shopping, always help you put away your sun umbrella, when it rains, always tilt the umbrella to your position, chat, always impatient to hear you say something meaningless.

9. When you mention dissatisfaction, say it well, the other side can really listen to it.

Blaming him in a scolding tone will only bore the other side. Like, “Why don’t you get my message back?” Are you still my boyfriend? ”

Let’s put it this way: Objective facts, your mood, your expectations. The advantage of saying this is that he will want to meet your needs and thus meet your expectations.

“I feel a little sad that I didn’t hear from you in the morning, if only I could get your reply soon.”

10. Don’t open your mouth and say “break up” everytime. A relationship can’t stand the consumption again and again.

 Love advice:

11. Never try to pin your happiness on him.

12. Whether you are 18 or 28 years old, you must have your own small vault. Money doesn’t have to be a lot, but it has to be there. In this way, you can pay for yourself, do not always spend each other’s money, live more elegant, more deliberate.

13. If you don’t know if you want to keep talking, ask yourself:

What did he give you in this relationship? Oral sweet words, not to fulfill the promise, or long-term companionship, no care? If it’s just the former, you can turn around and leave. 

14. Don’t fall in love in order to be pampered, hurt, taken care of, and taken for heaven.

Good love is about growing people, not turning people into children. If you enjoy the benefits of being a child, once the other person leaves, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

15. Fall in love don’t drag! The longer it drags on, the worse the relationship fades, and it’s easy to drag it away.

16. If you want the other person to treat you, you treat him.

If you want to receive his good morning, you send him good morning every day. If you want to receive a gift prepared with your heart on your birthday, you’re ready for a surprise on his birthday.

Love is mutual, no one takes it for granted to be good to you.

17. Be sure to protect yourself.

Don’t try to use sexual relations to please each other, girls in this regard is easy to suffer. If you have sex, make sure that the other person is free of infectious diseases and that security measures are in place.

18. Say whatever you want and do whatever you want. Don’t let the other person guess what you’re thinking. Don’t think about how he doesn’t understand me, how he doesn’t understand me. You know, no one knows anyone, and if you don’t work hard, you can’t get to know each other.

19. Cheating can be addictive, and once, there will be thousands of times. Once you find out that the other person is cheating, please leave immediately and don’t look back! Staying behind will only challenge your tolerance again and again, turning you into a man of no principle.

20. Love to talk a few more times, do not set life and death at once.

Very few girls can talk about meeting true love once. Some girls, before meeting true love, even have to socialize with a few scum men.

Talk a few more times, you will know how to fall in love, know who really love you, know how to love yourself, know how to choose their wedding partner.

21. Don’t try the other half. Your distrust will only paint a tragic end to the relationship.

22. Sweet words say more, hurt words say less.

What you say can be a sugar, sweet to his heart, let him have more motivation to love you, but your words can also be a knife, into his heart. Even if the knife is pulled out in the back, there will always be a scar in my heart.

Suck the hurt words in your stomach and praise his good part. Over time, you will find that your mentality is getting better and better, and your feelings are getting better and better.


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