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Next, I’d like to share with you the love advice that is really useful to you.

(1) Those love that makes you miserable and sad, please let go early. Don’t be afraid to find your heart belongs to find the true love of their hearts, you will find that the street road is so clean, breathing air is sweet, the world could have been so beautiful.

(2)People who have demands on themselves will never get too bad. The harder you are to yourself, the smoother your feelings will be

(3) Make sure you spend 80% of your time on yourself, whether it’s reading, making friends, or travelling, and you’ll find that love is getting better and better instead of leaving.

(4) If the other side is a mature-minded person, your understanding, understanding is a plus item, if the other side is an indiscriminate lover, these good qualities are mediocre and boring. Therefore, it is important to choose people.

(5) Please believe that things are clustered and people are grouped. What are your comprehensive value (quality, mentality, skill, personality, etc.) and the person who matches you is naturally about the same segment.

(6) In the era of various love “regulations” hitting the eyeball, learn to judge its “gold content”. Often develop the habit of independent thinking, your view of love will open a long distance from others.

(7) Don’t believe that girls are too independent is bad, this is a serious mistake. The more independent you are, the higher the emotional security, learn to deal with interpersonal relationships, your love object, the higher the quality of love.

(8) Love is a double need, not a single need. Don’t just ask him to love you, you have to think, where is the way you love him?

(9) Break up is not so terrible, want a quality lover, then must give up some inappropriate passers-by, and understand that the pain and suffering are short-lived.

(10) It’s true love to ignore the other person’s kindness to you and you are willing to be with him. 

Love advice:

11) The better the relationship, the more attention is usually paid to the way we get along.

12) Love is learning, not a place of emotional catharsis. You need to learn, you need to think, and how to learn well

13) Love is an exam, choose someone to test your ability to distinguish, get along to test your ability to solve, give up to test your ability to choose

14)Dododon’t think about finding someone who spoils you, you should look for someone who can really make you progress, which can be ideological, ability, and emotional. And the progress of your mind will bring unexpected positive changes to your life

15) Love is easy to get people into the comfort zone, most people no longer want to come out, also become a small woman, and smart people will use the role of the comfort zone to create a stronger self.

16) Boys are not steel, they are people. He also needs your gentleness and kindness, and a good man is more satisfied than a woman.

17)Good feelings don’t have to be both sides at first, if you pay attention to the method, you can make the first change, usually, the other half will change.

18)The way the other person loves you is learned from the way you love him, which is the result of mutual influence and subtlety. So if you want the other person to love you, you learn to treat him the same way, and he’ll learn.

19) If you think love is important, love is not important, you are the winner!

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