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1. How do you know if the other person is interested in rope binding?(Tied with rope in sex)

You can hold each other’s hands with one hand, caress each other with the other hand, and see how they react.

If you can’t hold each other’s hands with one hand, you can ask them to hold their hands behind their backs, not to let go without your consent, and then use your hands to tease each other.

If the other person likes you to play like this, then next time you can propose simply tying the other person with a scarf or tie.

At first loosened the tie, so that the other side has room to break free on their own, so that the other side at ease.

You can also add role-playing situations, such as playing kidnapping, to make bundling seem more natural.

Every time you play, remember to ask the other person how they feel, do you want to be a little tighter? Is it going to hurt? Are you scared? Are you more sensitive or excited?

The most important thing to discuss is not to be impatient, to be gentle and patient, to remember to hug each other, to thank each other, to boast about each other’s sexiness.

If the other side also began to like the feeling of being tied to play, then just say it, can propose whether to use rope between! 

2. When it comes to rope binding(Tied with rope in sex), will the other person think I’m bad?

Although the stigma of rope-bound is not as bad as it used to be when Lady Gaga was playing with ropes, there will inevitably be doubts about them.

And most of these doubts are affected by the rope binding presented in the yellow film.

I think, have seen the yellow film, but also have had sexual experience of friends, must understand the difference between reality and yellow film.

The same is true of rope binding.

Therefore, if the other party has a bad impression of rope binding, you can first ask the other side of the rope binding imagination is what, and then look for related videos or articles, tell the other side rope binding may not be so. 

The most important thing about a good rope hand is not technology or experience, but respect and care for people.

3.Rope binding looks so difficult, how much time does it take to learn to play?

In fact, if you do not pursue to learn the degree of hanging people off the ground, nor is it for the performance, only to play in bed or on the ground out of fun and beauty, the technology is quite simple, two days can learn.

The point is, don’t be limited by the way you think.

Master the basic techniques and correct ideas, you can easily create a unique to your own rope binding, to each other’s changing, surprising surprise!

If you like this article, next time I can update some play teaching.

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