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The truth about love:

1. The ultimate point of love is not marriage, but the exploration and awakening of the self.

2. Always put yourself first, think more about yourself, pay more attention to your heart, rather than just thinking about each other. The other person doesn’t love you the most.

3. People who really like you will not point fingers at your appearance, do not have to say more for the person who scolds your appearance, let him go out directly.

4. You can be yourself in front of each other, revealing your softest and truest side, even if it’s too bad.

5. The view of money consumption must be consistent.

6. No reluctance, no demand, no flatterer.

7. People and people’s sorrows and joys are not connected; loneliness is the essence of life.

8. Personality is not the same sometimes really not casually looking for words, when you really meet, you can appreciate how powerless to say this sentence.

9.99% of couples die in communication. Communication is important, it is important to admit mistakes, but in principle cannot agree on the issue of two people, how to communicate is also a white tie.

10. The basis of love in addition to love, but also need respect and trust, the three are equally important. Love you will respect you; this is simply certain.

11. Listen to what he says and see how he does it.

12. A sense of ritual is necessary to keep love fresh. A gift is necessary to show that you are important in his heart. But it’s far less valuable than he really loves you.

13. Calm down and then love. Self-esteem and self-love are indispensable, girls only really think of themselves as a complete independent individual, to retain their own space, to maintain their own rhythm, so as not to suffer all day long.

(The truth about love)

14. It is not too important to stress at any time that you read more books and see the world more. If you had seen the sea of stars, you would not have been coaxed into being dizzy by his. 

15. If a relationship can’t make you feel happy, down-to-earth and safe, then this relationship is wrong, don’t be hard, and don’t make any excuses for him.

16. Love when you want to love, let go when you also want to simply fall never procrastinate, take the start and drop is responsible for both sides. A person’s true maturity, not only can find mistakes, face mistakes, more importantly, have the courage and courage to end mistakes, timely stop loss.

17. Ending with regret should be the best way. Accept all kinds of fragility of human nature, all kinds of unbearable life, in order to complete the emotional transcendence. To owe each other, you can miss it.

18. Break up, you’re sad, I know, but you should be glad you’re a little bit more mature. An understated turn away is the best farewell.

19. If you want to maintain a relationship, you must first make yourself a powerful person inside. Only in this way can you continue to have the strength to continue, no matter who the other person you meet.

Sometimes break-ups don’t have to be because they’re not loved, they don’t have to be split because they’re cheated. Sometimes it’s just because you fall in love with a coward. And the real reason for the end of this relationship is the lack of my own inner strength, not only failed to give him the true part, and even tried to rely on his strength to give inner asylum. It is their immaturity that inevitably leads a relationship to the end. Therefore, I hope that I can improve and cultivate higher strength and wisdom as soon as possible.

Hope we can become a better self, meet the person who loves you more.

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